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White Ferrari Testarossa Images

Ferrari Testarossa debuted in 1984, exactly one night before the 1984 Paris Motor Show took place at Lido, Champs Elysées, Paris. Testarossa continued the journey of the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512 BBi which was produced from 1981 to 1984, more than that, the Ferrari Testarossa is a tribute to the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa as an icon of the Ferrari motorsport in the 50s era.


white ferrari testarossa rear side
white Ferrari Testarossa rear side

Testarossa means ‘Red Head’ because of the red sprinkles on the camshaft cover. This car is a symbol of Ferrari’s success in the 80s. Maybe you also remember the box office movies and Hollywood TV series where they used Ferrari Testarossa a lot in the scene.

white ferrari testarossa price dealership
white Ferrari Testarossa price dealership

The design of the front is very low. Of course, this is the first thing that stole the attention of many people. The reason is the design of the Ferrari Testarossa really takes into account the aerodynamic aspects. The result is 0.36 as the coefficient drag of this car.

white ferrari testarossa posters
white Ferrari Testarossa posters

At the front of the Ferrari Testarossa you will only see a pair of secondary lights, for Daylight Flashing Light (in the lowest area), Direction Indicator Light (in the upper area of the outer side), and Parking Light (in the upper area of the inner side). Between the two pairs of secondary lights, there is a grille with details of the Cavallino Rampante II logo in silver.

white ferrari testarossa old school
white Ferrari Testarossa old school

Ferrari Testarossa headlight is a pop-up headlight configuration, where the headlights are designed ‘hidden’ behind the ‘retractable pods’ area in the front bonnet. When the headlight is not used, the headlight will go down into the area. In driving conditions, aerodynamics is not disturbed at all.

miami vice white ferrari testarossa
Miami vice white Ferrari Testarossa

The sides of the Ferrari Testarossa are awesome! Not only exotic and radical, but Ferrari and Pininfarina engineers also thought about the ‘form follow function’ aspect. Every single touch of design is made according to their respective functions.

One example is the large water scoop placed behind the Ferrari Testarossa door. To smooth the flow of air into the radiator behind the scoop Pininfarina pinned the side strikes panel that extends from the door area to the rear fender.

white 1986 ferrari testarossa
white 1986 Ferrari Testarossa

With the boxer engine configuration and the aim to accommodate the airflow smoothly, the rear fenders are designed wider. The impressive appearance of this car is supported by the selection of a five-spoke “star” alloy pattern 16×8 inches (front) and 16×10 inches (rear).

white ferrari testarossa car
white Ferrari Testarossa car

There are 2 areas on the side of the Ferrari Testarossa to find out if this car was produced from 1984 to 1991. That area is the rearview mirror and alloy wheels. Although it cannot be called a facelift, these 2 areas are important markers of the improvement of the Ferrari Testarossa which is divided into 3 periods in 1984-1987, 1986-1987, and 1987-1991.

Unlike sports cars in the 80s, the Ferrari Testarossa does not use rear spoilers, and in fact, does not have any effect on the aerodynamics of the car. Ferrari engineers and Pininfarina designers are very careful in utilizing the grille area on the rear bumper that functions as the area where hot air flows from the engine.

white ferrari testarossa rim wheel
white Ferrari Testarossa rim wheel

Ferrari Testarossa rear grille made in harmony with the front grille. This is also a hiding place for taillights located on the left and right sides of the grille. A special grille that accompanies the placement of the quad exhaust system is located at the bottom.

white ferrari testarossa convertible
white Ferrari Testarossa convertible

Next to the bumper area, on the rear exterior of the Ferrari Testarossa, there is an engine cover that has a ‘hump’. This is caused by the placement of the engine area rather high, parallel to the height of the fender. So it is not possible to create a flat engine cover. Around the ‘hump’ there are air vent grilles to remove hot air from the engine room.

white ferrari testarossa for sale
white Ferrari Testarossa for sale

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