VW ID.3 With Brand New Modular Electric Drive System

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For the very first time in VW, everything is new, start from the surface design to the cockpit. However, we aren’t sure about the new operating idea. VW ID.3 is Volkswagen’s first electric-powered car based on the brand new modular electric drive system. VW views it sequentially with Beetle and Golf; the 3rd famous car now could be the VW ID.3 and need to create mass electric mobility. Prices from ID.3 focus on less than 30,000 euros.


VW ID.3 Is Bigger than Golf

From the exterior, ID.3 appears like a compact car. However, the truth is, the wheel range is about 8 cm much longer. In conditions of size, ID.3 is more much like Sportsvan Golf. In case 19″ ID.3 white wheels were installed, ID.3 with Max equipment was even built with 20″ tires. The daytime running lamps have been extended by a strip of light that links the headlights. Only the form of the back and rear lights still reminds you of a little bay. ID.3 can be the initial model to carry the brand new VW logo design in a flat style. It’s minimalist and smooth. The W letter doesn’t close again with the circle below.


Electric cars usually don’t require considerable areas in the engine compartment. Therefore the VW ID.3 hood is shorter, for instance, in comparison with golf. For even more space inside, you can go for Golf Passat interior quote. VW ID.3 is 4.26 m long and is similar to Golf.  A longer wheelbase helps it looks longer. The round form of the VW ID.3 can be something similar to beetles to ensure that its style features are friendly again. At the front end, the band of light crosses above the radiator grille horizontally.

The headlamps come regular with LEDs, and so are also available as LED matrix units (IQ.Light). MEB provides rear-wheel-drive architecture interestingly. This package also ensures balanced excess weight distribution and together with a minimal center of gravity (weighty battery on the automobile floor) for powerful driving. Wheel sizes 18″ to 20″, turquoise ID.3 (Makena) carries 20,” and white ID.3 is 19″.

What’s In The Interior of the VW ID.3?

In the interior, especially, there are no longer any classic VW elements. Climate control that is decades old is gone. Now it relies nearly exclusively on touch buttons. The center armrest is changed by two separate armrests, which can be folded in the leading seat. All quality cockpits come after an assortment of golf and T-Roc. It could be seen, as described, that there is a whole lot of space inside,  due to the long wheelbase, 13 cm much longer compared to the VW Golf Mk 7. It is a more good wheelbase of the VW Passat.
You have sufficient legroom, despite having four large adults. Even headroom is provided for large adults in every seat. The only downside may be the back seats that feel less comfy on your back, and you have to observe how it impacts long-term comfort.
At the front, a standard compact class car seat, where it is designed around a great platform. That means you have a nearly flat interior ground at the back and light gray fabric upholstered chair with contrasting cream-colored microfiber. It looks as comfy as the living space and top quality. On essential gear, VW ID.3 is available without natural leather. There are just optional, e.g., natural leather cover for the tire. So far, nevertheless, it is an aid program bundle with a capacitive tire mounted on a leather tire. Volkswagen is focusing on another solution. However, this is the desire to use even more sustainable materials.
It also ties in with a fundamentally more sustainable production approach. Volkswagen promises to create VW ID.3, which is CO2 neutral. In its creation, renewable energy is mainly used and uses compensation steps for energy / CO2 emissions.
When driving, there is a little digital speedometer. It moves with the adjustment of the tire, so the tire can’t even block the screen. In the middle, there exists a 10-inch display, and lastly, an over-the-air software upgrade is possible, to ensure that the Volkswagen Tesla can upgrade the Volkswagen without needing to go to the workshop. Voice control can be offered in addition to a head-up display. Another choice is a panoramic glass roof that can’t be opened, but just with a dark sliding curtain.
The main objective of the minimalist dashboard design may be the two screens, which are set up as standard. In the back of the tire is a kind of pc installed, which shows the most crucial driving data. “Active Information Display” won’t exist later on. A little is similar to the patch design for just one or another French maker.
The infotainment program in the center is possible in every variant of ID.3. The software is similar to the well-known fresh MIB 3, which includes been set up on the Passat facelift. The switch beneath the infotainment system is somewhat arranged.
It had been somewhat critical whenever we looked at the procedure of the brand new “Muthu” steering wheel, though it was known from the prior model. Indeed, in the 1st pre-production car, the opinions can be a little bit better. Generally, the VW ID.3 is quite clear, what’s called the Play Button changes the term gas pedal.

VW ID.3 Specs and Prices

Battery Size:
  • 45 kWh
  • 58 kWh
  • 77 kWh

Aside from a base price significantly less than 30,000 euros, ID.3 with typical battery size and high equipment will most likely cost between 40,000 and 50,000 euros. Volkswagen has an 8-year guarantee or 160,000 kilometers on ID.3 batteries.

  • Mileage: 330 to 550 kilometers (WLTP)
  • Power: 150 hp or 204 hp (each rear-wheel drive)
  • Top speed of 160 km/hr
  • The fastest charging option: about 290 km in 30 minutes (charging power is 100 kW with a 58 kWh battery)
  • 125 kW DC charger, AC Charger: 11 kW
  • Length: 4.26 m
  • Wheelbase: 2.76 m
  • Width: 1.80 m
  • Height: 1.55 m

Given the reduced center of gravity and rear-wheel drive and 50:50 weight distribution, combined with the instantaneous torque of an electric powered motor, we can anticipate quite nimble functionality.


The brand new VW ID.3 is a trend. Not merely for brands but also because Volkswagen usually has high marketplace power. That can provide wings to electromobility. This idea makes sense just because a large amount of interior space is established with a relatively little bit of traffic. Electric travel is efficient and free from local emissions. Volkswagen also acknowledged that even more advancement was the only path to the near future. ID.3 provides something classic, for example, reliable audio when closing the doorway. But, simultaneously, be brave with new points in digitization.

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