Vredestein Quatrac 5: All-Season High-Quality Tires

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There’s a reason when Vredestein Quatrac 5 talks about a new Benchmark for all-season tires. For at least 20 years, Dutch bicycle specialists are generating these tires for cars. Since 1993, Vredestein has launched the Quatrac lineup, along with the edition of the tires includes many innovations made in the Apollo Tires creation center in Enschede. Rubber components with compounds and 3D Grips, tread design, all these are just a small part to create high-quality tires.

Vredestein Quatrac 5 will help you get through winter and summer. For winter, it is equipped with different fins that may absorb snow while driving on the ground. Matches the winter conditions, supports braking, and also enables improved engine power transmission into the road (grip). Quatrac 5’s profile by Vredestein is designed to be resistant to most weather conditions. As a result of this sturdy shoulder beam, the tire changes shape through massive steering movements. Enhances driving stability – especially when cornering on dry roads.

Heavy rain or wet surfaces be a challenge throughout the year. Through its round and wide grooves, Vredestein can divert water from the road to the side. Shortens damp braking distances and lessens the danger of aquaplaning. The rubber compound was inserted with silica to assist fuel tire efficiency. This chemical compound reduces resistance. Tires from the manufacturer Vredestein have been persuasive for years with good to excellent outcomes.

Balanced Driving Characteristics in a Variety of Sizes

The Vredestein QUATRAC 5 variants are not only provided outstanding driving characteristics in a variety of sizes but are characterized by”green character.” If you’re a driver who drives environmentally conscious, then you are in the right place, because tires provide energy savings and efficiency.

Since 2012, these all-season tires meet with the strict European Union criteria. Because of a new technology known as full polymer compounds, decreased scroll resistance is sensed and consequently guarantees high durability to utilize.

Tires have all positive Vredestein attributes. Because of special laminates, that the maker calls it as bending points, there’s a high level of adhesion, particularly on snow or slippery surfaces. Even with grip tires are assured in wet road conditions. Thanks to some very efficient groove layout, it is accomplished during production that the noise in the tires is hardly perceptible.

The all-season QUATRAC Vredestein provides a reassuring grip on wet surfaces as well as slightly rolling resistance. Also, in most weather conditions, tire models were given optimal driving safety and all season long, in many evaluations. Even with bigger vehicles such as SUVs, Vredestein Quatrac 5 all-season offer convincing results. All components relevant to safety announced are reliable. Compared to real winter tires, the Quatrac 5 version will not let you down, which speaks for the quality of the tire compound. Testing and intensive research of many mileage ensured the Vredestein model did their job well.

Vredestein Quatrac 5 Makes Continuous Improvement

Over 20 years ago, Vredestein launched the very first all-season tire in enhancements, and the improvement continued. On high-speed vehicles along with the Y index, these models offer high reliability up to speeds of 300 km / h. Especially on a long journey, regardless of a national road or onto a street, the manufacturer represents its products.

The Quatrac 5 by Vredestein offers an asymmetrical design on the site. The summer side provides excellent and lateral grip steering precision. The winter side of the tire with lamella technology signifies a safe grip on snow or wet ground — besides, some good things offered by all-season tires. CO2 emissions reduced and lower fuel consumption. Ensures absolute protection for drivers throughout the year, and there is no requirement to change tires to winter from the summertime.

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