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Is Tech Making Volkswagen Golf Plus 1.6 TDI Better or Worse?

Now equipped with the latest Bluemotion makeover, VW says its new 1.6 TDI Golf Plus will give 65.7 mpg. Impressive stuff and tech. The increased head clearance gives the feeling of more great space and positively encourages the driver to take a smooth responsible approach to the journey.

Its slightly sedate demeanor belies a powerful growl born of the 104 bhp under the hood that should carry you through most situations on the daily commute or longer journeys. Well-made, sophisticated, and relentlessly reliable, it’s hard to find fault. Except that the Golf it’s based on delivers a whopping 73.4 mpg and a mere 99g/km CO2 emissions, which makes it tax-exempt. So our only question if you’re considering the Golf Plus is… why?

Volkswagen Golf Plus 1.6 TDI Plus Pro’s

This addition to the iconic VW Golf range offers a more practical family car than the standard Golf, without having to go for an estate, or possibly the Golf-based Touran. With a smooth, yet firm ride, a five star Euro NCAP rating, extra storage room, excellent fuel economy, and a competitive price; this Golf delivers an attractive package for its target audience. The Golf Plus is a top-notch family car retaining much of what has always made the Golf a firm favorite with motorists all over the world.

Volkswagen Golf Plus 1.6 TDI Plus Con’s

The styling of this Golf may not be to the liking of everyone. Although it retains many of the styling features of the standard hatchback, the high roof sets it apart from the traditional Golf look. Also, the height of the car does have a harming outcome on the handling of the vehicle. As you would probably expect, this results in more body roll than average, but it also seems to affect the responsiveness of the car’s steering. Despite being a much roomier vehicle than the standard Golf, you still only get five seats.

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