Used Mazda CX-5 is the Right Choice for You

Used Mazda CX-5 2012 with Kodo design is the first SUV model from Japan that was brought to the European market, such as in Germany, and has unique features. The results are extraordinary because the public gives positive responses and become one of the best-selling vehicles in the country. At the end of 2017 production, they are receiving around 85,000 units. The buyers buy it is not only a new condition but also this car is also popular in the used car market. It shows the success of Mazda in providing the best in terms of the design and performance of the CX-5.

used mazda cx5 for sale

Like competitors in its class: Kia Sportage, VW Tiguan, or Nissan Qashqai, the Mazda CX-5 offers plenty of space from the first and 2nd row seats in addition to luggage. Correctly what Mazda is doing is better, besides high gear, the stand out for their technology that is powerful. The critical technology research is mastered by them better than ordinary. Its quality is persuasive and time-tested. Talking about rust problems, some Mazda models could be affected, TÜV testers could criticize the CX-5 that’s 4.55 meters long. Like every purchase of cars generally, the background of its condition and the vehicle are essential points. For example, mileage should not be overly significant and must be reasonable.

In general, the selection of motors on the CX-5 can be handled. When it’s not diesel (a decision is a unit with 150 or 175 hp), then there is a 2.0 petrol engine with 160 or 165 or 2.5 using 192 hp. CX-5 received facelifts. Therefore the 2015 series isn’t only more features and a modified front but also touch in the interior. Also, there are additional heights of equipment such as Center Line, Prime Line, a more exceptional quality Exclusive Line, and Sports Line. If you want assistance such as Lane Keeping Assist or Town Emergency Brake Assist, then you should search for facelift versions, also available for higher levels.

Perhaps you know if the typical weakness in SUVs is currently brakes. Mazda isn’t associated with the problem and is secure, and there are no complaints about the role and effect of the feet and hands brakes. The brake lines are rustproof. However, brake discs need attention due to increased wear. Don’t forget; you have to be cautious with the engine. Concerns the 2.2 diesel engine, which was set up in the first unit. Here there are technical issues in parts that can result in fatal chain responses to turbo damage. But, Mazda responded and managed to address and fix the problem several times.

When purchasing a car, safety is a significant factor. And there are more words of praise for your CX-5. There were six airbags from the cabin as standard. From the Euro NCAP crash test, the CX-5 received the highest rating of five stars. Mazda obtained a score of 1 – after traveling a distance of 100,000 km. The used CX-5 search remains feasible since it doesn’t have any weaknesses; the price will stay stable. If it is well maintained, of course with more and better equipment at least, you must spend 15,000 euros.

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