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Top 5 Dodge Cars You Will Love

1. Dodge Challenger

Powerful, modern, and attractive, the Dodge Challenger remains a symbol of the planet of muscle cars. Can be obtained with either 426 Hemi, 440, or 383 Magnum, which is very large, 1970 Challenger is an extraordinary newcomer among the crowd of muscle cars.

Manufacturing of the Challenger was stopped in 1975 and re-ignited in 2008. This brand-new Challenger is a favorite among car enthusiasts and salutes for its sentimental appearance. With 51,000 gross sales units in the US in 2013, Challenger’s dominance has just begun.

2. RAM 1500

If there might be a car that can withstand the ferocity of time, it is none other than the mighty RAM 1500. Remember when Chrysler launched a half-ton pickup truck that was re-formed in 1994, people immediately turned upside down with him. It destroys opponents with a very useful warlike style and drivetrain.

dodge ram 1500
Dodge RAM 1500

As the 21st century revolves, Ram 1500 begins to fade. In 2009, the Ram 1500 was redesigned and considered higher than before. Recognition increased and, in 2013, turned into the most favored home truck: gaining a prestigious award as MotorTrend Truck of the Yr and North American Truck of the yr. In 2014 it was named the MotorTrend Truck of the Yr title for the 2nd year in a row. For the first time out of stock, the Chevrolet Silverado. Ram 1500 is still considered one of the most profitable Chrysler trucks.

3. Dodge Charger

The charger represents the mighty American muscle paradigm. Chargers have previously been recognized for their wide grille, war, new long car body, and hiding spotlights, however, in 2006, the Charger was reactivated as a beautiful four-door sedan.

1969 doge charger
1969 Dodge Charger

2011 introduced minor modifications to the 4,200-pound muscle machine up to date, restructuring the grille, rear lights, and including a beautiful spoon to edge and hood. Many people now admire the Chargers as American sedans, RWD, V8-Powered out there, and this shows us the American car business is exemplified by large vehicles with large engines.

4. Dodge Viper

Through the 80s, Chrysler had sunk to the most negative point of all time. They want something fresh, and even their famous K-Cars have been blamed for being flat and dull. In 1988, Chrysler president Bob Lutz recommended the thought of a car that looked like a cobra.

dodge viper
Dodge Viper

The idea was successful and began manufacturing in 1992. Viper emerged as the right sports car and was driven by a ten-cylinder engine, the last word formula for achievement. SRT took over Viper in 2012, surviving by making the supercar that is probably the most sought after in the US.

5. Dodge Coronet

Dodge Coronet seems to be the most neglected muscle vehicle in the past. Chrysler began manufacturing Coronet as a full-size sedan in 1949. However, in 1966 the size was reduced, and the notorious Dodge Charger confiscated the full-scale spotlight. 1968 noticed the launch of the famous “Super Bee” Coronet and scat package.

dodge coronet R T 440
Dodge Coronet R/T 440

This is when Coronet last reached her American Muscle cojones. Paired with 440 Magnum, the Coronet Super Bee is unstoppable. Even though 1976 introduced a halt to Coronet, the Super Bee period and the Scat Pack symbol are still used as we speak. For that motive, Coronet gained an extraordinary place in Dodge’s historical past.

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