The True Color of the 2019 Jeep Wrangler Bikini Pearl

Welcome back to my automobile blog, and today is there’s a little bit of a surprise. I got a short message from one of my friends that’s “I think you should have bought this blue color, 2019 Jeep Wrangler Bikini Pearl.” It was a nice jeep, so I immediately called him, I was like “Dude where did you find that?”, so he told me the name of the car dealer, I jump on the online forums because I was like I’m not sure if anybody’s even talking about this yet.

2019 jeep wrangler bikini pearl new
2019 jeep wrangler bikini pearl new

Sure enough, there have been two postings of bikini Wranglers making their way in the wild to dealerships. But there’s only two right now, and both of them are at dealerships here in Columbus. So we’re going to go for a ride hit up the first one is going to be a two-door Rubicon and then the other one is an unlimited Rubicon, so both Rubicon’s.

I’m curious I haven’t looked at anything else you just sent me the one picture from outside. Then I found the other one on the forum. You’re limited, and I only saw the outside view. I’m kind of curious if it’s going to be like a Mojito where they kept with the grey instead of the red. If that is what we’re going to be doing today, we’re going to hop in the Jeep. We are going to be heading to those dealerships to get a nice up close and personal look at the bikini.

This is great because you guys will be able to see it in a two-door and a four-door version. I thought you know maybe wouldn’t see them till few months and here they are two of them right here in Columbus. So let’s hop in the Jeep and head on over also we got this here lovely package. So I think I’m going to pop these tops off and that’s more like it.

Color of the 2019 Jeep Wrangler

I guess so we just made it here to the dealership and this jeep is a lot bluer than I expected. It’s very teal, honestly, in person, it’s pretty blue I mean teal is an excellent description of it, but that’s got the color match fenders and the color match hardtop automatic.

It looks like they kept with the gray dash on the inside. So just like the Mojito Rubicon, it’ll stay with the gray dashboard instead of having the red one like the other one. Honestly, it’s a robust color to describe. I know they used to make TJ’s and a very similar color. But this is not that frankly, it’s a lot bluer than I imagined. It is looking back here at the forums, and it seems I guess compared to the pictures online, it is a little more green.

So I could see that it’s the most teal I’ve ever seen. If that makes any sense, it’s tough to describe the new bikini color. Honestly, I thought I was going to be in love with it. But after seeing a person, I’m not sure with like the top off and like just seeing like the roll cage and then the doors off it’ll look a lot better. But I thought I was going to like this color a lot better.

So definitely, one of the first changes I noticed is the Falcon MTS. I’ve never seen or at least not yet haven’t seen any Jeep from the factory that has the Falcon empties. They usually have these you know BFGS on them. A little bit more aggressive pattern, especially on the side here definitely lovely.

I understand on the Moab’s they switched to the MTS, which are an excellent aggressive mud tire and this looks a lot better I think than the Coyotes, I came on the Rubicon. Honestly, it’s growing on me; the more I stand here, the better it seems to me. It’s hard to describe what color this is.

There is a ton of metal-flake in this color. I don’t know honestly. I can’t decide if I like it or not. The more I stand here and keep looking at it, and I guess it looks beautiful. just because it’s different jail color than we’ve ever seen before. But I mean, I like my Mojito over there. I don’t know, and maybe it’s just because it’s a two-door.

I do like the dark Rubicon accents you understand in the grille the Rubicon lettering and then on the hood there. Especially on the side, it darkens this color up. But honestly, the more I stand here, the more I’m not sure what color this is. It’s one of those colors that messes with me honestly.

I thought it is bluer. But now I’m looking at it, and it’s more green. I think it’ll depend on the sunlight. It is a cloudy day here in Columbus. We’re supposed to get our rainstorm here anytime. So I really would love to see this in the sunshine. I’m sure it’ll just come to life just like the Mojito does.

But the more I stand here, the more green. It gets so it’s a more green-blue that makes a sense. I mean, teal is the most accurate color. I can describe it as, and to see him, the tutor is relaxed. But I am jealous of these Falcon MTS. I wish I had some mud terrains, but that’ll change soon. So that is the two-door are bluer, but the board looked at it like it was kind of like turning green.

Alright, so that will wrap up the first bikini. I mean, I just kind of walk the outside. It was locked, I wanted to see the color more than the inside because it’s going to be the same as any other and can’t make up my mind if I like the color or not I thought when I saw like the leaked images of it being in the factory and coming through under the light.

I believe this is the problem is this is what happened when I liked the yellow when I saw it in pictures at the LA Auto Show. I thought it was so much brighter like a canary yellow, and I just loved that color. That’s the color I wanted when I saw it. I was disappointed because it was more like a school bus. Yellow kind of color and I wanted it to be like a bright yellow.

The same goes for this when I saw the factory leaked pictures I was excited. But I think because of the lighting inside the factory it brightened this color up. Now that we have like a lot of overcasts and we’re outside, and it’s about to rain. I think it just darkened it up a lot, so that’s why I think it’s looking like it’s bluer, but from what I can tell, it’s not the same teal as was on the TJ’s. But maybe just because the new body lines it looks a little bit different to me.

Wrangler Rubicon Bikini Pearl Color VS Mojito’s Color

Honestly, though it is a pretty awesome color, I’m going to imagine that when the sun comes out and much like the Mojito, the color will just come to life because of all of the metal flake that’s in the paint. When I was painting my fender flares, there was just so much metal flake in that paint that it was just absolutely insane.

But anyway, we are going to head over to the other dealership and see the Unlimited Rubicon. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get this Jeep a little bit closer. So that way, you guys have a reference point of you know this is what the Mojito looks like, and this is what you see the bikini will look like regardless is going to look a lot bluer next to the Mojito.

But keep in mind that ocean blue is a very, very dark blue compared to what this bikini color is, its teal is like the perfect color that I can say that describes this. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get this next to the other one at the other dealership and show you guys a little bit closer.

But compared to mine, you can see right here it’s nowhere as green as the Mojito.

jeep wrangler mojito green
jeep wrangler mojito green

But it’s almost like if that blue ocean back there and Mojito green. I honestly think that would be the exact color that would come out. I do think I’d like the 4-door look a little bit better on the bikini. Maybe a black hardtop would break it up a little bit. You know what would look good is if they had like the tan soft top and like the tan leather or tan cloth interior.

Now this one’s automatic as well. But with the tan interior and the tan top, I think this is what would make the bikini look like it’s in its prime. Is having the tan with the tan interior. I guess that is what would look the best on this. But everybody has their own opinion. The ocean blue it still got a bunch of metal flak.

But it’s dark blue, and then there is the bikini. You can see all three colors, so I really can’t think of anything right now that would match this color, or as you guys could like lookup online, that would make this color make sense. Because in-person there’s nothing and in true Jeep fashion there’s nothing that matches this color.

I mean, it is a pretty standout color. I was going to say maybe like an old like Camaro, like old body style Camaro. But now that I’m standing in front of it again in person. I don’t know it’s a Jeep thing to be like the way out of bounds with the color.

If I’m going to spend money on extra wheels, I’ll do that later. There we go, they turn the lights on thank you guys I don’t know if this helps out a little bit, but it looks a little bit more accurate on my camera.

Now of what the color looks like, think anybody that has ordered a bikini will not be disappointed. This color now that I keep looking at it, it’s growing on me so much. I’m sure in the sunlight it’s a lot more green teal than it is a blue teal here in the rain.

The color match top and color match fenders; it’s a little bit more accurate to this where it’s a color match. I wish they have a color match ocean blue to show you guys, but I mean, that’s as close as we’re going to get to what you guys. Honestly, I like it more, the more I stand around it.

There’s one last look at the bikini before we head out. I got to see both of them it was cool. What better way to see the bikini is an all-out color match. Although I did like the color of the 2019 Jeep Wrangler Bikini Pearl, having the Mojito stand out by itself right now. Especially among you know all these white and grey cars, I’m still very much in love with the Mojito.

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