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The New Ford Focus: Will it be More Successful Than Its Predecessor?

Are the new Ford Focus sales statistics better than their predecessors? We must note that. Additionally, it depends frequently on what the VW Group presents at the end of 2019: Golf 8. However, we feel that Focus, in any circumstance, can be extremely distinct from the 50k annual numbers.

We want to verify this statement since, employing its predecessor, the compact did not share anything. A small bumpy and squatting, that is how we remember the old Focus. The successor put a much more sporty shape on the runway. The Focus price tag with 65 HP starts at €18,700. The auto hood comes with a more extended length size, especially the rear part is convinced using full cheeks and a slick Focus mark onto the lid.

new ford focus st
new ford focus st

There are some differences in the dimension. It appears like this; it is 18 mm longer, 15 mm flatter, and contains mirrors that are 2 mm broader compared to its predecessor. Considerably more interesting is the brand-new LED headlights, including LED backlights (start from €1,150) using camera-based cornering lights and high beam support. Anyone who enjoys technical gadgets with courteous safety services will cherish it.

But, this isn’t the conclusion of the application for support, of course. Some have obtained Lane assistance, and emergency brake drive assistance as standard, the Ford Pass application about the location as well as the auto operating conditions, and also offers the ability to restrain independent functions remotely.

Features and Transmission

For the first time, Focus includes a head-up appearance. For plastic projection discs, you must invest €450. Or you can spend €550 farther in a tech bundle II or I, however only bundle II equipped with automatic transmission. Also, you will get fantastic adaptive cruise control, which automatically controls around 200 km/h and corrects the speed according to traffic sign recognition. In addition to an assistance avoidance and incorrect driver warning function in which this feature will warn you if the danger of the hazard threatens security.

2020 ford focus blue color
2020 ford focus blue color

If you choose an 8-speed automated transmission, then you can anticipate a semi-autonomous traffic assistant using a stop-and-go purpose and track monitoring. The Focus may equally take over the work with this particular maneuver, even though you, until now, have to operate the throttle and brake yourself. If you have trouble parking, try investing at least €400 in the EasyParking Plus package.

all new ford focus for sale
all-new ford focus for sale

For your active ST, we recommend choosing a performance package. If you are interested, you have to invest €1,200 in addition to the chassis in racing track style, red brake caliper, ambient light, standard gas feature, and launch control. The front and rear side parking sensors feature combined with a back vision camera with proper resolution. For the energetic ST, we recommend selecting a performance package.

Don’t worry about the potholes since Focus already has a brand-new standard suspension, torque beam rear axle, and constant dynamic touch. The compact system can easily rotate curves without losing the comfort aspect outside Focus. On a 5-door model utilizing an enormous engine, Ford relies on a multi-link back axle.

Ford delivers a chassis that could be corrected with adaptive dampening controls just for the EcoBlue 2.0, 5-door, with another €1,000. The current top model, ST, is currently running a production line using a sporty, tuned chassis, at €35,700.

Ford Focus Redesigned Interior

Attention also needs to be given to the completely redesigned inside, based on the Fiesta, with the slimmer dashboard. Ford has reacted to criticism and progressively simplifies operations. Thanks to this logical configuration of all components, just climate controls are too low, and you no longer have to learn the operating instructions.

ford focus interior
ford focus interior

Thanks to the recently developed C2 platform, the five passengers may expect more space. Though ordinary, in our opinion, the upholstery in high position offers additional comfort. By paying 400 Euro or €500 for Trend in addition to Cool & Connect, you can switch to adjustable ergonomics, and seat heaters are €300. Most importantly, the back passengers will feel gracious as a result of the wheel axis space with another 52-millimeter length, thinner front seat rest, along with a shallower center tunnel.

Additionally, there is a large door that allows convenient entrance and door edge protection (this is part of the EasyParking bundle). The front door is trimmed with faux leather trim, back section equipped with artificial leather, and the remaining portion of the door includes unattractive rigid plastic, and also the top loudspeakers trim, it turns out not as they assert.

The authentic leather connecting Ford is exclusively available at the highest lineup, the Vignale. Among them represent a range of leather-cloth variants (for €850 for both ST-Line and Titanium). Since we urge the Cool & Connect line without leather interiors, we recommend options to the level of Titanium or ST-Line equipment. Not only that, in case you opt to select the Vignale line, Ford will treat your vehicle as a portion of each inspection. After a month in line with the period, you can get your Focus washing for free.

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