Suzuki Swift Pros and Cons

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The new Swift had a tough act to follow, but it does it admirably well. Slightly larger than before, the distinctive good looks remain as do the build quality, handling, and equipment details. Income a 1.2 petrol and 1.3 diesel engines built under license from Fiat and a raft of minor changes that mean this tidy little package more than holds its win alongside the Polo and Fiesta.

Suzuki Swift Pros

This vehicle provides an eco-friendly choice for the environmentally-conscious car buyer. It is a small car, and the diesel version, in particular, offers excellent efficiency. However, despite its conservative fuel use, the Suzuki Swift still manages to pack quite a punch in terms of acceleration. With its quick steering, the car handles rather well. Five doors are a definite asset to make loading and unloading more relaxed when the vehicle is full. Lastly, Swift’s compact nature allows it to fit into tight spaces, which can come in handy when navigating narrow roads or small parking spaces.

Suzuki Swift Con’s

Size is the main issue with an automobile like Swift. While the front of the vehicle provides a reasonable amount of space (especially given the size of the car), the back seat is more than a little cramped for passengers. Moreover, the boot of the vehicle fails to provide a lot of room for luggage or other cargo. Noise is a significant issue with the Swift, whose paneling does little to dampen exterior sounds for drivers. The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is, unfortunately, much less with the gasoline version of the car.

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