Renault Triber 2019: Spacious Cabin With Distinctive Features

With the target of the mid-sized consumer market, the Renault Triber 2019 has been exhibited for the first time in India on June 19, 2019. Entirely designed for the buyer from India, Triber provides a spacious cabin and European design with distinctive features of Renault. The most divine part of this car represents the economical price. Triber is also expected to attend the opening of the latest 4 Renault models, which will be introduced until the next 2022.

India remains the main business for Groupe Renault, and they aim to double sales in 2022. For that reason, they are delivering Renault Triber; a supplementary eye-opener concept focused on India’s core market. Renault Triber was designed, developed and manufactured in India, for Indian customers first, before they took it to the world. This is a brilliant strategy.

Indeed, the MPV segment is in its golden age. Nothing but look at Triber to prove Renault’s effort to enter the Low MPV segment. Not only in India, but throughout the world. But of course, this resulted in opposition to Renault. To produce a car that can be bought by most people, Renault was forced to have to reduce the quality of the features and materials used in the vehicle.

renault triber 2019 exterior
Renault Triber 2019 exterior

Exterior Parts of Renault Triber 2019

Viewed from the outside, the exterior side of the Renault Triber 2019 gives the impression of being sporty in the style of other European cars. This MPV looks like a more extended version of Kwid. It demonstrates some similarities with the Ford EcoSport on the rear.

The head display looks frightening and sporty, characteristic of European cars. Combine with a head grille that is not too large with the Renault logo that adorns the front end — flanked by headlights that extend to the side and lens of the projector. Right under the lights, the Renault Triber 2019 front side exterior has a thin LED strip, which functions as a Daytime Running Lamp.

Black accents also adorn the side view. 15-inch rims and sleek side-glass design cause the exterior side of the Renault Triber 2019 quite attractive for a basic-looking MPV. Triber is also equipped with roof rails that have a carrying capacity of 50 kg. Even when compared to its own competitors in India, such as Datsun Go +, 182 mm ground clearance of Triber is higher.

renault triber 2019
Renault Triber 2019

The face and rear side overhangs are relatively short. This is Renault’s effort to maximize interior space. As for the exterior of the 2019 Triber Renault, the taillights that resemble eagle beaks appear to underline the width of the vehicle. The silver skid plate that extends the bumper highlights the toughness of this car.


Triber does not offer luxurious cabin designs or premium materials like the ones you get on other Renault models sold in Europe. The Renault Triber 2019 interior looks standard with plastic material and steering wheel without buttons.


Under lock and key, Triber has a designed panel with straight lines and minimalist design. There are not many trinkets seen on the Triber 2019 Renault dashboard, other than the 8-inch touch screen equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. You can also adjust the air conditioner via HVAC control located below the screen.

Explained by Renault, Triber is worth considering because it has a level of practicality and plenty of storage space. For example, two drawer compartments spotted on the passenger dashboard. As explained earlier, the panel on top gains a standard impression with hard plastic material in the process.

Steering Wheel

As explained earlier, the Renault Triber 2019 steering wheel is made without feature support buttons, as we see in most other new cars. This is nothing but to reduce production costs.

Slightly rough plastic material is equally seen on the steering wheel. There are only a few chrome accents on the Renault logo in the middle point of the steering wheel, at least emphasizing a bit of luxury from Renault to Triber.


Targeting the intermediate class, Renault achieved a breakthrough in this car, which allows three choices of seats. You can have Triber 5 seats, six seats, and seven seats. The 2nd-row seats could be shifted, folded, laid down, even folded forward. The third-row can also be shifted. Overall, there are more than 100 Triber 2019 Renault seat configurations that you can use.

Interestingly, there are some dissimilarities that you can recognize from the many display seats provided by Renault. For a 7-seat configuration, you will get the remaining 84 back rooms. Of course, if you don’t fold the rear seat. For the six-seat version, you can have a space of 320 liters while the Renault Triber 2019 trunk with a five-seat configuration offers you 625 liters of space to set your kinds of stuff behind.


As explained earlier, Renault reduced the use of functions to decorating this car. Only a few modern features are provided in this car. One of the striking features of the Renault Triber 2019 is a three-position series placed at the back of the parking brake. It will control the power of the HVAC system for the second-row seat.

2019 renault triber
2019 Renault Triber

In addition to the projector headlights, LED DRL, and removable third-row seats, the Renault Triber is equipped with an 8-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Just like other modern vehicles, Triber has got a passive keyless entry feature and a 3.5-inch MID.

Active Safety Features

In terms of security, four airbags cover the front and sides of the first row. Quite minimalist, considering Triber does emphasize production prices to work on a developing market.

But don’t be afraid, you have got a three-point seat belt on all lines, with the driver’s seatbelt fitted with pre-tensioners. But there is one active safety feature of the Renault Triber 2019, which is relatively sophisticated, the rear parking camera. Apart from that, there isn’t any addition reflected from Renault.

Renault explained Triber would get the latest modular generation platform that is unique and created by the Alliance (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi). Based on various sources, the Triber 2019 Renault operating system will rely on the new 999 cc three-cylinder gasoline engine. Capable of producing 71 horsepower at 6,250 rpm and 96 Nm at 3,500 Rpm.

Renault explained this machine had been operated on Clio and Dacia Sandero, which were commercialized in Europe and South America. The difference between the devices used in Triber and Kwid is that the Triber engine builds up a Dual VVT system that makes it more responsive. Just like Kwid, Triber will offer a five-speed manual transmission and a five-speed AMT.

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