Is Toyota RAV4 4 Wheel Drive?

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Is Toyota RAV4 4 wheel drive? Before you obtain the answer, for better understanding you should know that the 2019 RAV4 comes in 5 trim levels, specifically:
  1. Limited trim
  2. Adventure
  3. XLE Premium trim
  4. XLE, and
  5. LE
Any trim level has a 2.5 liters, 4-cyl type engine, produces 203 hp and balanced with 184 lb-ft torque, and 8-speed auto transmission. FWD is regular on every trim level aside from Adventure, which gets AWD. Normally, AWD is optionally available. If you select AWD, LE and XLE obtain the standard RAV4 AWD mechanism.
2019 Toyota RAV4 Adventure

All-Wheel Drive And 4 Wheel Drive Comparison


  • AWD: A drivetrain that uses front side, rear, and average differentials to supply power to all tires of a car.
  • 4WD: A drivetrain that uses two differentials and a case transfer to distribute power to all tires of the automobile.


For instance, with AWD, you can accelerate quicker since traction will become distributed evenly between your four tires. AWD may also improve managing in a hard climate. Besides that, AWD is an excellent feature that you would like to take into account in case you are thinking of investing in a sportier vehicle, like the Toyota RAV4. In the meantime, with 4WD, you can achieve better progress in traction and tow.
Some trucks, for example, Toyota Tacoma and Sequoiaboth or SUV’s have a 4WD system that will be able to give ideal control when you drive throughout harsh climate or if you intend to play offroad. Finally, we hope you can get a clear and reasonable idea between AWD and 4WD. Alright, let’s go, for example, about when this feature is usually most crucial.
AWD is a feature that must be considered by performance fanatics because it raises traction as well as handling well. 2019 Toyota RAV4 features the dynamic torque-control that provides a forward-thinking AWD system that continually tracks and distributes engine unit power between your front and rear vehicle tires for best traction.

Torque Vectoring Features For Maximum Traction

The Limited and Adventure comes with an improved program with torque-vectoring features and benefits that may change the power circulation between your rear wheels to improve traction each time running on mud or wintry roads. Adventure is quite exceptional since it provides plenty of unique design to growing combined with the extra gear.
Moreover, to keep every bit of the XLE Premium material, Adventure has got:
  • impressive 19″ alloy rims
  • 8-inch touch screen
  • higher roof rails
  • floor mats for all-weathers
  • satellite radio
  • nice rearview cameras
  • fender flares
While all other RAV4 levels can attract 1,500 lbs, Toyota RAV4 Adventure towing capacity is 3,500 pounds. Toyota still provides this season’s Adventure trim level. In particular, it receives a hint of style to make it great and a unique AWD system that may contain extra grip. Then you get all of the power of RAV4. It has excellent cargo space, large seats, and comfortable traveling on every road. Without losing the flexibility that made it quite common in years ago, in short, the RAV4 has come to be better.
Same like other car brands, there are some weaknesses. Even with a new engine, acceleration is not too breathtaking. Not only that, but the Toyota team doesn’t provide any engine unit enhancements. It may be not easy to accept and use, although the infotainment interface is a substantial improvement compared to a year ago. If this is a problem solver for you, you should look at the fashionable Mazda CX-5 and the impressive Honda CR-V. But we think each of the small SUV shoppers should observe the redesigned Toyota RAV4 2019.

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