Iridium Spark Plugs Versus Platinum

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As one of the essential elements in the car for the ignition phase, the car spark plug is one of many components in the gas engine. This component will handle the creation of spark or spark jumps between spark plug electrodes from the main combustion chamber, and after that, the combination of air and fuel can ignite. Here we will explain to you about iridium spark plugs versus platinum.

Iridium VS Platinum Spark Plugs

Iridium Spark Plugs

This spark plug is classified as a cold type spark plug. Or it could be said as a racing spark where people applied it to a high RPM. This type of spark plug is effective at producing aggressive and high engine acceleration.

Thus, the breath and the pull of the vehicle become stable, to make the maximum speed longer and easier to achieve. However, this spark plugin has some drawbacks if it’s used frequently every day. The engine of the car will become rather unstable, then if you use a standard engine with a low compression level, the life of this spark plug may be concise.

Spark plugs

Platinum Spark Plugs

Spark plugs with platinum material are semi-racing because these spark plug electrode hints have a slightly tapered shape compared to standard spark plugs.

With this kind of spark plug, it’s no different from the use of conventional spark plugs. A significant difference lies in the power which is slightly more sensitive at low rpm.

For spark plug resistance, the durability is also relatively shorter than standard spark plugs. If you use the car almost every day, this spark plug can last between 3 and 4 years.

Standard Spark Plugs

Here we give you a piece of more information: standard spark plugs are usually a recommendation from a particular car manufacturer. This spark plug isn’t primarily an alternative for acceleration cars but relies on the capacity utilized for the daily needs of automobiles. This kind of spark plug is more optimal if used for medium and low engine speeds.

How do you know the various kinds of spark plugs? Make sure before replacing the spark plugs, understand each type and sort of spark plugs so that they don’t get confused when utilized.

Signs of Broken Spark Plugs

Well, this innovative spark is the electrical energy obtained from the battery. You can imagine that a car spark plug is a significant part of the automobile’s ignition system, particularly if it’s damaged so that it can get the car to hit.
For this reason, it’s crucial to detect early damage to the spark plug of the automobile. Typically, the status of spark plugs in cars that aren’t good includes a brown, crispy black, burnt, melted color, in addition to several other unfortunate conditions.

1. Wet Spark Plug

Pay attention if it’s wet because it can be caused by the presence of residual lubricant from the electrode or spark plug head or even both. It will be better to check the timing or speed of the ignition and also enhance the fuel that is commonly used, like replacing it with high octane fuel.

2. The spark plug color is brown and quite obsolete

Brown and fairly worn show that the spark plug life is completely drained, and you need to replace it with a new one.

3. Spark plugs color are red or yellow

It’s possible to check again on the cooling parts of the car’s engine, such as radiators and other cooling elements. Because of this, it’s far better to validate the flow of gas and electric apparatus.

4. Spark plugs are melt

Melting conditions are a sign that the spark plug electrodes have been scorched due to compression leaks and the combustion of oil in the engine.

5. Lots of crust

If the spark plug head crusts a lot, it’s probably because of a poor fuel configuration. The result may be a leak in the valve threshold that causes some oil to seep into the spark plug. If this happens, most likely, the coil temperature is very hot. Immediately move to turn off the car engine and compress the coil with a wet cloth.

These are all indications of spark plugs that must be replaced. You can find it if there are indications like the previous one.

But before choosing to use this kind of spark plug, you must be careful about the purpose and use of this component. Know in advance the type of car engine and automatic engine capacity compression level. You need to know the way to replacing the spark plug following the essence of the car rather than everything being in vain.

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