Flat tires: Damage That You Can Fix Yourself and Those That Can’t

Do you have a problem with a flat tire? Surely this is annoying, especially when you are on the road. However, if you want to always be on the safe side when your tires are flat, you can buy 2 new rubbers, because you definitely need the exact same driving characteristics on the right and left, the axle position. But wait, there’s good news, maybe you don’t need to get a replacement because you can fix yourself!


You don’t have to always replace a leaky tire because some damage can also be repaired at a low cost of around 20 dollars.

The very first step you must do is to find the exact point of the loss of pressure. The secret is quite simple, it is possible to fill out the pump bottle with sterile water and then spray on the wheels completely. Where bubbles appear, that’s where the tire leaks. Remember, you must first remove the rubber cap from the tire valve. The suspicious area must be cleaned. Nails and screws often stick here. Other causes might be damage to the rim valve or for example, missing valve core. Immediately after you find the cause, your tires can be repaired if necessary.

Can I Fix a Flat Tire?

Tire leaks can be partially repaired but this depends on the kind and points of the leak.

Tire tread

Some holes in the tire tread are usually caused by a nail in the profile and the workshop can easily solve this problem. If you are unlucky, maybe you will find more than one leakage holes. Still, the tire must be removed from the rim. The nail will be pulled through the hole and glued. Unfortunately, if the hole is bigger than 0.6 – 0.8 cm or the tire is badly damaged (broken wide) then don’t repair it, you have to buy a new one.

Side of the tire

The side of the tire bears a lot of vehicle weight. In this area, rubber works hard so that a lot of heat is generated. How to protect it is to ensure the correct tire pressure. If there is too little air in the tire, it will drag so much that the rubber structure will be damaged. From the outside, the damage isn’t easy to see but the tires can suddenly break. Regardless of the rubber that has holes or tears, damage to the position of the edges may not be repairable.

Tire Valve

Drop a little amount of clean water on the tire valve and see if bubbles appear or the water is bubbling. Simple damage to this section can be repaired by yourself as a vehicle owner. If a hissing sound comes from the valve, the tire valve inlet may be dirty or damaged. Tire valve inlets can be easily changed and exchanged. The rubber feet of the tire valve might tear at the edges. Here, a pro mechanic must take the tire carefully from its rim and replace the valve.

Corroded rims

Corroded rims can cause the distance on the tire rubber and the air will come out. There is no other way because you have to replace the rim and tire that has been torn. Or maybe the rim is dented because it hit the sidewalk very hard. This can’t be fixed and you should purchase a fresh car wheel.

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