Ferrari 488 Spider Red Images

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Stunning Ferrari 488 Spider red images will blow your mind, it’s same as the Pista gallery. With a strong and distinctive performance and a powerful V8 engine will provide a pleasant driving sensation in a sports car.

02 awesome ferrari 488 spider 2016 present
Awesome Ferrari 488 Spider 2016-present

Do you always maintain your appearance? Don’t worry, driving fast won’t mess your hair, thanks to the Wind Stop feature which makes driving comfortable even if the roof of the car is open. Read more about 488 GBT.

Red Ferrari 488 Spider Gallery

Created to correct the shortcomings of its predecessor, the third turbo-engined Ferrari car has successfully completed its mission. When driving it, you can open or close the roof at speeds below 45 km / h, the advantage of convertible cars. Even though aerodynamics is complicated and many people say if there are too many buttons on the wheel but nevertheless this is the Ferrari 488 Spider which is always loved by its fans!.

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