Ferrari 488 Pista Spider Red Images

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Aerodynamics is the main reason that makes the exterior appearance of the red Ferrari 488 Pista Spider more aggressive. S-Duct is a smart design with a fast bonnet that has curves, you can see it in the images gallery. Innovations made by the Ferrari Centro Stile, inspired by the 2008 racing season of F1-Ferrari cars.

06 ferrari 488 pista spider superfast
Ferrari 488 Pista spider superfast

The result is a shorter bonnet length and a stronger downforce effect because airflow from the front intake is better. You can also see effects like the front splitter because of the grooves of the carbon fiber panel indentations in the front area. From the rear spoiler to the front bumper, you can found if there is two-tone livery as an accent element provided by Ferrari.

Red Ferrari 488 Pista Gallery

The car body weight has been reduced to 90 kg, however, when you look at it from the side, it looks like an F 488 GTB. Another interesting part is the 20-inch rim with Brembo carbon-ceramic brake, amazing because it’s the same as the Ferrari 488 Challenge. You will feel the 488 Pista like a real race car. For example, the rear diffuser was inspired by the 488 GTE, very aggressive. The sound from the muffler is louder compared to the 488 GTB. Dolphin-tail rear spoiler makes it look more solid and serves to maximize airflow to the air intake behind the engine.

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