Future Car: What Your Parents Said a Few Years Ago

The development of innovation and technology in the automotive industry is so fast. In recent times, the automotive world is enthusiastic about the new engine technology that utilizes electric power as a vehicle drive power. The future car, let’s assume a 2030 prototype will be a pretty distinct machine to its present-day type. They will be stuffed with processors and protection mechanisms, assuring that not even a performance driver can fail, and they will run on CO2 and emit berry scented oxygen. Well, they might. The foresight of future vehicles are usually wildly incorrect; by now, we should all have … Read more

2017 Ferrari California T Specs and Images

2017 ferrari california t red

Now we will review the specifications of the 2017 Ferrari California T. This car will bring you the best pleasure right away when you drive it. Strong roar in speed but like noiselessly idle. Switching from normal mode to sports mode will give you higher speed and power, truly an amazing supercar, you will definitely like it. Read more: 2012 Ferrari Specs 1984 Testarossa Turbo lag might only be felt when starting to go from a stationary state and at around 3000 rpm you will hear the exhaust sound louder, but you will feel the sensation of driving extraordinary. Steering … Read more

2019 Toyota RAV4: Bigger Size But Compact Crossover?

2019 Toyota RAV4 – This car has been around since 1994 and ultimately build up from Japan. Meanwhile, the fourth generation was renewed in 2014, and they are on the market today. The fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 carries the concept of a compact crossover car. Even so, it looks like this latest model has a bigger size than its predecessor, so this car isn’t small actually. Therefore, comparable competitors for this car are the CR-V and Xtrail. In fact, in several countries such as the USA, Japan, and the UK, the RAV4 is the most hunted and best-selling non-pickup car in … Read more

2020 Mazda CX-30 Ready to Provide the Best Performance

Mazda is moving towards an elite division. That sentence is unambiguous, with every new model like the 2020 Mazda CX-30. You can see the debut shortly, feel a fresh touch of Mazda’s design and interior. Elegantly scaled lines, smooth material, and high-quality craft. Also, under the hood, there is a Skyactiv-X engine, ready to provide the best performance. Mazda likes to have its driving style. As with the Wankel engine, which wanted to be resuscitated by Japan, immediately after the range extender for an electric car. It is also called rightsizing attached to high volume and turbocharged gasoline. Mazda CX … Read more