Ferrari Hybrid LaFerrari Supercar

ferrari hybrid 1000 hp supercar

The Ferrari hybrid LaFerrari Aperta has a 6262 cc V12 engine with a 120kW electric motor. This large power source is capable of producing 950 hp, and 900 Nm of torque. This power is channeled to the supercar using a 7-speed F1 Dual-Clutch transmission. LaFerrari Hybrid Images Gallery The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta dashboard has a … Read moreFerrari Hybrid LaFerrari Supercar

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

The classic sports car with the iconic shape of the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO became the most expensive car sold at the famous auction house RM Sotheby Monterey in August 2018. This car is full of racing history and victory, no wonder the bid price is up to 45 million US dollars. This is a … Read more1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 488 GTB 2016

2016 ferrari 488 gtb black

Ferrari 488 GTB 2016 with a coupe body type has two doors, this model is a global version for Asia, Australia, Japan, North America, and Europe. These sportscar dimensions are Length: 179.8 inches, width: 76.9 inches, wheelbase: 104.3 inches. Curb weight: 3252 lbs and V-8 engine, displacement size 3855 cm3 / 238.9 cui, capable of … Read moreFerrari 488 GTB 2016

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB

1965 ferrari gtb c black

Do you agree that the classic 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB is the most beautiful Ferrari design ever made by the Italian car manufacturer? Some of the pictures below will conclude your assessment. Read: 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona This car was produced in mid-1964 to mid-1965 with a 275 GTB-GTS model from 1964 to 1968 … Read more1965 Ferrari 275 GTB

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

horse power of 1971 ferrari 365 gtb 4 daytona

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 Daytona was one of the legendary Ferrari cars, the fastest of its time and still amazing today. In the early 1970s, this car recorded a speed of 174mph, but many other supercars also competed to declare the fastest at the time. Read more: 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB The power … Read more1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

Fastest Ferrari Sports Cars Images f50 yellow

Have you ever driven a car with speeds at hundreds of miles per hour, vehicles with fast acceleration but still comfortable to control? Yes, here we will give you some of the fastest Ferrari sports car images. Fastest Ferrari Cars Gallery Some others have made as a successor to previous Ferrari models. Technology has always … Read moreFastest Ferrari Sports Cars Images

2018 Ferrari 488 GTB Images

2018 ferrari 488 gtb base front bumper

The great 2018 Ferrari 488 GTB has a luxurious and stylish cabin design. Not only that because the exterior is also aerodynamic and very attractive with a weight of 1370 kg and dimensions of 1952 mm x 1213 mm x 4568 mm (l x w x h). Read more about the red Pista Spider and … Read more2018 Ferrari 488 GTB Images

Ferrari 488 GTB Spider

ferrari 488 spider cost

Ferrari 488 GTB Spider has an attractive design because it uses a retractable hardtop (RHT) roof model, where all open-top mechanisms are made of lightweight aluminum so that it weighs less than 10 kg compared to 488 GTB. The concept and character of this car give you something new like an exciting sensation behind the … Read moreFerrari 488 GTB Spider

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider Red Images

Aerodynamics is the main reason that makes the exterior appearance of the red Ferrari 488 Pista Spider more aggressive. S-Duct is a smart design with a fast bonnet that has curves, you can see it in the images gallery. Innovations made by the Ferrari Centro Stile, inspired by the 2008 racing season of F1-Ferrari cars. … Read moreFerrari 488 Pista Spider Red Images

Ferrari 488 Spider Red Images

07 ferrari 488 spider red

Stunning Ferrari 488 Spider red images will blow your mind, it’s same as the Pista gallery. With a strong and distinctive performance and a powerful V8 engine will provide a pleasant driving sensation in a sports car. Do you always maintain your appearance? Don’t worry, driving fast won’t mess your hair, thanks to the Wind … Read moreFerrari 488 Spider Red Images