Is Tech Making Volkswagen Golf Plus 1.6 TDI Better or Worse?

vw golf plus 1.6 tdi plus

Now equipped with the latest Bluemotion makeover, VW says its new 1.6 TDI Golf Plus will give 65.7 mpg. Impressive stuff and tech. The increased head clearance gives the feeling of more great space and positively encourages the driver to take a smooth responsible approach to the journey. Its slightly sedate demeanor belies a powerful growl born of the 104 bhp under the hood that should carry you through most situations on the daily commute or longer journeys. Well-made, sophisticated, and relentlessly reliable, it’s hard to find fault. Except that the Golf it’s based on delivers a whopping 73.4 mpg … Read more

VW ID.3 With Brand New Modular Electric Drive System

For the very first time in VW, everything is new, start from the surface design to the cockpit. However, we aren’t sure about the new operating idea. VW ID.3 is Volkswagen’s first electric-powered car based on the brand new modular electric drive system. VW views it sequentially with Beetle and Golf; the 3rd famous car now could be the VW ID.3 and need to create mass electric mobility. Prices from ID.3 focus on less than 30,000 euros.   VW ID.3 Is Bigger than Golf From the exterior, ID.3 appears like a compact car. However, the truth is, the wheel range … Read more