New 2020 Ford Puma Electric Boost

new 2020 Ford Puma 3 cylinder engine

Ford wants to compete in the small SUV car segment with the new Puma. The Crossover model is not the successor of the famous EcoSport. The new 2020 Ford Puma electric boost is better to be a sporty alternative than a rural brand. Therefore, Puma will compete with other strong competitors such as the VW T-Cross and Renault Captur. In the late nineties, the small “SportcoupĂ©” finally adopted the name Puma. Currently, the demand for small two-door vehicles is deficient. It makes sense if the company turns a stray cat into a four-door SUV. The similarity of the two Puma … Read more

2020 Ford Puma: Lightweight Hybrid Engine and Special Boot Variable

2020 ford puma hybrid auto show

It seems that the 2020 Ford Puma is Ford’s strategy to engage in the small SUV market. This sporty SUV comes with a lightweight hybrid engine and particular boot variable. Alright, this time we will give you information and prices! However, the famous EcoSport didn’t make Crossover its successor. Therefore, the VW T-Cross and the Renault Captur deserve to be called Ford Puma competitors. Appearing in the nineties, Puma is a small sports coupe. Ford Fiesta serves as the basis of the second and first-generation Puma. However, Puma has a more extended body size of 14.5 “(4.19 m in length) … Read more

The New Ford Focus: Will it be More Successful Than Its Predecessor?

2020 ford focus front exterior

Are the new Ford Focus sales statistics better than their predecessors? We must note that. Additionally, it depends frequently on what the VW Group presents at the end of 2019: Golf 8. However, we feel that Focus, in any circumstance, can be extremely distinct from the 50k annual numbers. We want to verify this statement since, employing its predecessor, the compact did not share anything. A small bumpy and squatting, that is how we remember the old Focus. The successor put a much more sporty shape on the runway. The Focus price tag with 65 HP starts at €18,700. The … Read more

Ford F-150 You Will Love

Are you looking for a truck? You should choose the Ford F-150. As classified among the top-selling vehicles in the US, this vehicle is worth considering. Do you want to know more about the reason? Alright, we’ll bring you a closer look at one of the best trucks in the world. Ford is a US international car producer based in Michigan. In 1903, the company was founded by Henry Ford and started selling commercial vehicles and passenger cars. They also produce vehicular parts and tractors. The Ford brand may be the 5th greatest in the globe and the next largest … Read more

2022 BMW i4 and 2021 Ford Mach E You’ll Love

2022 BMW i4 A low-slung four-door equipped with one or two motors is part of the design of a fully electric BMW sports sedan. With the added benefit of having the quality of building an experienced car maker, this car promises to be the closest competitor to the Tesla Model 3. The Bavarian people’s last effort to start the EV era is far from the target. A little too strange but very cool for most people is the i8 pseudo-supercar plug-in and the i3 lunchbox where BMW carbon fiber battery power is the two early adopters. i4 will strive to … Read more