Carbon Fiber BMW Emblem You Will Love

gold bmw emblem carbon fiber

The carbon fiber BMW emblem is a perfect automotive symbol. The circular design with BMW letters at the top of the outer circle and the colors blue and white are the colors of the country of Bavaria. Now many BMW carbon fiber emblems with various custom colors such as gold, red, green, black, and so on. But, generally, the colors replace the blue as the original color. The BMW emblem is one of the most fabulous well-known logos in the world, especially in the ranks of automotive brands. How To Wrapping Your BMW Emblem in Carbon Fiber in 3 Easily … Read more

Images of BMW X7 2019

Here we give you images of the BMW X7 2019, this car has a length of 5,151 mm, a width of 2,000 mm and a height of 1,805 mm, and 3,105 mm is the size of a wheelbase. BMW designed it with ground clearance (221 mm), two-part separate tailgate, large windows and LED headlight (laser is optional). The four wheels have a size of 20 inches, while the size of 21 inches and 22 inches are optional. The interior is very spacious and can carry 7 passengers at a time. Captain seat is used on the 2nd row. All seats … Read more

2022 BMW i4 and 2021 Ford Mach E You’ll Love

2022 BMW i4 A low-slung four-door equipped with one or two motors is part of the design of a fully electric BMW sports sedan. With the added benefit of having the quality of building an experienced car maker, this car promises to be the closest competitor to the Tesla Model 3. The Bavarian people’s last effort to start the EV era is far from the target. A little too strange but very cool for most people is the i8 pseudo-supercar plug-in and the i3 lunchbox where BMW carbon fiber battery power is the two early adopters. i4 will strive to … Read more