Where Was Chevy Blazer Commercial Filmed?

Do many people enquire about where was Chevy Blazer commercial filmed? The video in downtown Portland, Oregon. You understand that Oregon comes with a fantastic beach, so they chose that area. As you know already, the release of Blazer 2019 has finally attained us. To enhance the selling number target, Chevy includes a new plan of an ad campaign for the brand new midsize crossover SUV. In the meantime, the Director of Big Block, Marek Glaser, described that the video clips were on the subject of taking the mix and match of two diverse Blazers. Along the way, the business … Read more

Chevy Blazer Transmission Interchange

Hi, do you want to know about the Chevy Blazer transmission interchange? Alright, we will discuss it here. Before that, you need to know about how to remove the transmission from the Chevy Blazer. As well as the tools and equipment you need to use. Make sure before starting work, use available safety equipment: safety glasses and gloves.   Steps to remove the Transfer Case and Chevy Blazer Transmission In the first step, you need to disconnect the negative side of the battery or both. You can use a 5/16″ socket. Next, remove the air breather and also unplug the sensor … Read more