Bentley Flying Spur III W12 Twin Turbo Specs and Pics

This car uses twin-turbo 6.0L W12 engine with MPFi fuel system, Bentley Flying Spur III W12 can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 3.7 seconds with a curb weight of 5373 lbs and a maximum speed of 333 km/h or 207 Mph, producing power a maximum of 616/626 hp @6000 rpm (6.0 L) and 500/521 hp (4.0 L) and a highest torque of 590/605 lb-ft (6.0 L) @2000 rpm and 487/502 lb-ft (4.0 L). The drive system is 8-speed and Quickshift automatic transmission; AWD. For the sake of driving comfort and handling maneuvers around the corner, three-chamber air spring … Read more