Best Year for Used Toyota RAV4 To Buy

If you are looking for the best year for used Toyota RAV4, then you can consider buying a 2015 RAV4. Toyota has been selling RAV4 since 1996 in the US, and so far, the company has sold more than 4 million units.

Why Should You Choose the 2015 Toyota RAV4?

There’s a lot of reasons for that, but the leading cause it’s here, under the hood. My 2015 RAV4 has excellent 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine.

2015 is best year for used toyota rav4
Used 2015 Toyota RAV4

In this case, it’s the redesign 2 AR engine, but it’s not like the earlier one, like the burning oil from worn piston rings and worn pistons.

I haven’t seen any problems in as long as you change the oil. This particular one is made into a six-speed automatic trans. Perhaps the best transmission of Toyota ever made. Sure the old four-speed on top, they were excellent. These six speeds get much better gas mileage and have much better power characteristics. Today the ramp force comes in various configurations 2WD, 4WD, even has a hybrid version. They’re one of the most popular semi-compact. You really might call them compact but got a lot of room inside. Just check it out the beautiful sporty interior in the front and lots of space in the back.

All kinds of room, in this case, they put the back seats forward. So there are all kinds of places. The stylistic looks are a lot better than those old ones. It’s got everything you need like air conditioning, digital readout, steering wheel control for phone, stereo, and for what mode you can have displayed on a dash. A standard stock RAV4 and they also make them with 3rd-row seating. They can fit 3rd seating in; somebody thinks it’s fantastic. These newer ones handle a lot better than the old ones. That got disc break in the front also disc brake on the back. They stop a lot better no SUVs are generally pretty much gas hockey because they’re up in here, in their size and speed.

But for an SUV, a customer gets 30 miles a gallon on a highway. In this thing, it’s about 24 in town, pretty good for an SUV. Of course, if you don’t mind the complexity and expense of a hybrid. The hybrid drivers are even better. You take a 2019 RAV4 Hybrid, that thing gets 41 miles a gallon in the city because it’s got regenerative braking, which is the outstanding gas mileage for an SUV. Since it’s a Toyota and other hybrid stuff is pretty much all based on the Prius. Hybrids a pretty reliable, but I don’t advise somebody to buy one that’s got a hundred and fifty thousand miles or something or some ten years old when it comes to hybrids.

But if you buy a new one you’re not generally going to have problems till you get higher mileage like that on any Toyota. Now, as you can see, 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine light of the working room. It is a Toyota, so generally, you don’t have to do much work. But whenever you do, it’s easy changing the oil. For instance, it’s high enough, so you don’t have to jack it up. You can reach the oil pan, drain it out. It’s got one of those dumb filters where you got to take the plastic container off and change the inside. But that too can be done without jacking it up as long as you have the special wrench that fits on it.

Now I do have to say, honestly, the newer ones that have CVT transmissions or the eight-speed automatics, not a big fan of yet. Because the eight-speed automatics have had problems, and I don’t trust CVT of any sort. You know that’s sad my friend recently brought a new one last year. We’ll check how it goes over the years if his CVT holds up. My friend loves it so far. He says it’s got plenty of acceleration and gets better gas much then even the r18 s. but I don’t trust that stuff until it’s been out for 5-6 years or more. Because when they put two eight speeds in these, the eight-speed automatics were okay for the first year or two. But then they showed they had problems as they age.

2015 RAV4 6 Speed Automatic VS 2019 8-Speed Automatic

So I’d wait on that this six-speed pretty much bulletproof they’re excellent automatic transmissions. So somebody asked me what you would have? 2015 RAV4 like this with a 6-speed automatic or 2019 with an 8-speed automatic. I would take the older car. An 8-speed automatic problematical, this thing if you had no problems whatsoever. I rarely ever see a problem in the 6-speed automatic. But I see eight speeds all the time they’ll slip. They won’t shift right. They just didn’t and for what it’s worth the CVT and the ramp force that’s only available in the hybrid version.

CVT transmission it’s pretty close to the Toyota Prius. When you have the hybrid, you got to have a CVT transmission with the Toyota design. Because the engine has an input to run it, so does the electric motor and the CVT transmissions can transfer that way quickly. So if you’re buying a rare for the CVT, it’s going to be a hybrid now it’s time gone by the red floors have evolved. They’re much bigger vehicles than it used to be. If you look at the early ones from 1996 they were a lot smaller, stubbier inside. They did ride as well. There were a lot slower than these. They’ve evolved quite well with the whole line of ramp force, aside from somewhat weak 8-speed automatic transmissions that they use now.

They have a pretty distinguished history of not having problems going high mileage. I’ve got a friend, these things 350,000 – 400,000 miles regularly, and compare this front-end with a ’96. Don’t even look like the same vehicle because they got a lot of styles now. I like that they had it in 2015 and put down that horrible grumpy grille. They kept a classic grille on it, and I agree with it now. They have put a somewhat more prominent grille on a 2019 but nothing like that big scowling insane. One they put on the Lexus and some of the Corollas. They still kept it relatively conservatively, connect the look stay, and not just copy what everybody else is doing.

2015 Toyota RAV4 is Reliable

So really it’s reliability that’s kept these things being sold. People want an SUV, and they want one that doesn’t break down, which lasts a long time has a nice ride is not outrageously bumping. All the old ones were getting a 96, and you can find one they bumpy rides. But these if a decently smooth ride to them plenty enough pickup pretty good gas mileage for an SUV. So now you know why Toyota sold millions of these things. Give people what you want, as times change, it changed the RAV4 to make it bigger, more powerful, but still getting decent gas mileage.

One like this, 2015 RAV4, of course, nothing lasts forever. But, this 2015, they can last about as close to ever as any car made these days.

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