Audi SQ2 2019 is Small But Powerful SUV

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The narrow Audi SQ2 hood carries the power of up to 300 hp with a two-liter TFSI engine. This small SUV uses the same unit as the S3 with a potent turbocharged 2,000 cc and 4-cylinder engine. The seven-speed S-Tronic and AWD Quattro, the torque of 400 Nm at 2000-5200 rpm, carrying 1.5 tons, very fast in momentum according to expectations. It is accelerated from 0 km-100 km in 4.8 secs, as for the maximum speed electronically limited, which is 250 km/hour. It might be very unusual for you to drive so fast with this 4.21 meter SUV.


Audi SQ2 in Auto Show

Audi SQ2 has S Sport Suspension

To match the performance of the engine, Audi has used the S Sport model suspension. The suspension is sporty than the Audi Q2, which makes the height of the car become 20 mm lower. In this case, the contribution of a smooth sport seat can not be underestimated. The Quattro FWD system can deliver 100 percent torque to the rear tires within a few milliseconds when it detects that the front wheel loses grip. Also, the driver may select one of five driving modes, namely auto, comfort, dynamic, efficiency, and individual.

In the long term, the level of efficiency is more than enough to perform a quick ignition maneuver with the mode selection for engine and transmission adjustments. Testing 9.6 liters per 100 kilometers is guaranteed by this option even though the stages are long and very fast.

On the front side, the designers decided to replace the front bumper with a new design that is more sporty and has a more significant air channel. Not only that, now the leading lights are already using LEDs as standard equipment. Meanwhile, the grille also has a new motif in the form of firm vertical lines. The letter ‘S’ is placed on the grille as an identity that SQ2 is a “fast” variant of Q2.

Sporty themes also decorate the interior of SQ2. Audi combines red and black. The sport style seats are covered with leather with a combination of red, diamond, and black. The steering wheel appears with a more sporty shape with a horizontal bottom. Unfortunately, the sophisticated Audi Virtual Cockpit digital instrument panel measuring 12.3 inches is optional. Currently, the steering rack is specifically invented, so the actual ratio becomes extra direct when the steering is turned. This design diminishes the steering angle required and provides a sporty driving sensation. Not only that, because the is agility enhanced when maneuvering, in urban traffic, and sharp turns.

SQ2 also provides extraordinary dynamics on the road, and this is not merely about speed. The design is not embarrassing. The design is pretty cool, sporty like the Sportback A3, fun to drive. Being in a coherent vehicle will give an extraordinary impression, that’s what the Audi Q2 wants to provide. Pass the 3000 km test with convincing, driving with ease and comfort, almost everything you want with this car can be fulfilled.

Other details, bigger wheels, and front screens to complete equipment with an assist system are almost all offered by this additional list of cars. Expensive but fun and also very elegant is what you will feel when driving the small SUV Audi SQ2.

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