2020 Lincoln Aviator Comes With a Surprise From an AWD Crossover!

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The surprise of the all-wheel-drive crossover, which is also available as a hybrid plugin, is Lincoln’s mainstay with it’s 2020 Lincoln Aviator to compete in the high-demand market. The latest 3.0-L twin-turbo powertrain debut will be paired with an electric motor when Grand Touring members start next year. Aviator will stand between Navigator and Nautilus, equipped with Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission, 450 hp power as well as 600 lb-ft torque is produced by the powertrain.

2020 lincoln aviator in car show event
2020 Lincoln aviator in car show event

2020 Lincoln Aviator Hybrid System

The Grand Touring will only offer the hybrid system and also 400 lb-ft, 400 hp will come through other grades with a 3-0 L twin-turbo V-6 engine. How to distinguish it from the Navigator? Powertrain, a new look, and halo power will be the difference. It is desirable; when this car enters the market, it will bring a more prominent enthusiast than when the Aviator was last on the market.

Had competed with famous brands such as Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, and didn’t give 2003 Aviator good result. Its competitors chose the car-based unibody crossover, and most consumers don’t like the body-on-frame ride, consider high prices at $40,000, and unsatisfactory badge engineering.

2020 lincon aviator rims and side exterior
2020 lincoln aviator rims and side exterior

The new Aviator is the first luxury platform to go to mass-market variants, with unibody architecture, and Ford’s rear-drive. It seems that 2020 Lincoln Aviator isn’t trying to get mass-market support and isn’t lifted from Ford parts place.

Adjustment of the suspension when the camera monitors the bumpy road surface or potholes can be made with the adaptive suspension with the road preview feature — a carlike ride from a continuous damping control system.

Not only that, even the smartphone of a car owner can be used as a spare key, and this is the first time for a car maker. Need to load gear easier? The suspension becomes lower where the driver approaches the vehicle. The point is a lot of technology is implemented in the new Aviator.

For driver and passenger safety, Aviator presents Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Plus. With this system, when the Aviator is backing up – braking when a vehicle is detected, avoiding collisions with a stable steering wheel in the lane, speeding up or braking adjustments as needed, and essential traffic navigation. Not only that, but this system will help the car park more accessible.

Flight Black Label Theme of 2020 Lincoln Aviator

The Flight is a new and unique black label theme for new crossovers, a combination of tan and ebony makes the cabin atmosphere more harmonious as a replica of early aviation instruments. Lying relaxed in thirty way adjustable massaging seats while listening to the quality audio of twenty-eight speakers Revel Ultima sound system is what you will get, even in the lower trim cockpit.

2020 lincoln aviator in car show event
2020 lincoln aviator in car show event

Passengers in the second row can also recline and adjust their seats. Only by sliding forward for access to the 3rd row.

The price of 2020 Lincoln Aviator seems to be competitive because of the many luxurious touches inside, now is starting at $56,190.

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