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2020 Honda CR-V Reviews in the Compact SUV Market

Hi guys, now I have a brand new and refreshed 2020 Honda CR-V and I will give full reviews. I fell in love with the CR-V ever since I drive the 2019 model. It was spacious, superb, and comfortable. Pretty much did everything well. I thought it was the leader in the compact SUV market. I say compact lightly because, in terms of interior space, this rivals some midsize SUVs, but for the 2020 model, Honda decided to do a subtle refresh.

2020 red honda cr v
2020 red honda cr v


Now there are changes on the outside, changes on the inside, more standard safety features, and more standard features overall. So is this the best CR-V ever and is it the best compact SUV on the market today. Starting with the outside the 2020 CR-V received a refresh to make it more aggressive and in line with the competition. The grille on a CR-V has been changed and blackened out versus last year’s model, and the lower bumper is entirely different. The silver trim piece wraps around some black cladding and grills on a lower bumper to make it look more like an angry mouth.

In my opinion, the touring trim receives LED headlights with auto on/off, and most trims besides the base LX received new LED fog lights. The side of the CR-V stays the same, but for the 2020 model year, the Touring trim now gets standard 19-inch alloy wheels, which look like they’re a perfect fit. The LX gets 17-inch wheels while the EX and EXL get 18-inch wheels. You can see sculpted body lines on the CR-V with wheel haunches sticking out. On top, you have aluminum roof rails, and toward the bottom, you have a shadow chrome trim that stretches from the rear to the front bumper. The back of the CR-V has been refreshed with smoked LED taillights and revised lower bumper

There is still a roofline spoiler on top followed by large privacy glass. The lower bumper has a lot of black cladding with the silver trim piece in the middle that mimics the front bumper touring is the only trim with dual chrome exhaust finishers. The XL and the touring have a power tailgate. But only the touring is equipped with the hands-free feature which works every time. The tailgate also does a good job, retracing if it detects something underneath. The trunk is massive in a CR-V, and on both sides, you have an elastic band to hold things in. The bottom cover has two settings the default one is a little bit lower and underneath it stores the spare tire

However, you can remove the lid and put it in a higher context, which is about three inches taller, this makes the cover flush to the rear and makes the holes on both sides deeper. Finally, on top, you have a privacy cover to hide your things.

Engine and Transmission

As for the engine and transmission, the CR-V has a 190 horsepower engine turbo four-cylinder that is pushing 179 pound-feet of torque, this used to be reserved only on the higher trench, but it’s not 2020. This engine is now standard on all trims; the engine is mated to a CVT transmission moving to the second road. The door opening is massive as they’ve opened a full 90 degrees inside. You’re greeted to a lot of black leather on this touring trim and are some wood trim on the door panels. The second-row seat bags can fold flat by pulling on. The lover’s rear passenger gets a pair of vents and a pair of USB ports. There are two sets of car seat latches and one spare one in the middle with the 2020 Honda CR-V.

2020 CR-V Trim Levels

There are four trim levels. The base is the LX; it starts at ad over $25,000, and then you have the EX,  the XL, and finally the Touring, and that’s what I’m reviewing today. The touring starts at around 33,250 dollars, now all trim levels get the same, Honda sensing safety suite and the same turbocharged 190 horsepower engine. But moving up to the EX, now you have blind spot information with cross-traffic alert at it on dual-zone automatic climate control. Those of you guys are looking for apple car play and android auto. Unfortunately, they’re not available to LX. You do have to upgrade to the EX to get them. Now moving up to EXL, you do get leather-trimmed interior, power tailgate, power-adjustable seating filing. With the touring, you get even more with hands-free power tailgate wireless phone charger, bigger 19-inch wheels, heated steering, and a few other things.

Interior and Features of Honda CR-V 2020

Alright, I’m behind the steering wheel. So let me show you the cabin and features you’ll find in this brand new 2020 CR-V. It is starting with the steering wheel. While this didn’t change, and this is shared across Honda’s cars and SUVs. I think this is an excellent steering wolf as a modern design. It has the right thickness, and at a 10 and 2 spot as well, the leather is slightly slippery, but I’ll let you guys know how this is once I start driving. Now the button configuration is very similar. As well on this controls adaptive cruise control, which is part of Honda sensing, which is standard on all CR-V trims, this is for lane keep system; this turns both on or off and now approved for 2020. On the touring edition, you do have a heated steering wheel now on this side you have a volume control, phone control, voice control, and this and this controls the info screen inside the gauge cluster.

Now in terms of the gauge cluster, this is also shared looks very familiar. It looks like the one in the Pilot, in the Odyssey, and other Honda cars. You have a temperature, this is for fuel, the speedometer, and tachometer is now digital in the middle. If you press the menu button, you can scroll through your fuel trip computer navigation, this is like drowsiness, how travels ER, this is to see all that drive is doing, maintenance, music phone, and changing your display to km/h, so this is pretty standard. You’ll find this in a lot of cars, but its everything is nice and big and no complaints

On to the left side, you have some controls here. Power tailgate traction control; this is for pre-collision, and this is where the lane-keep assist system. You have some memory seats which are standard and then controls for your window and mirrors.

Now in terms of windows auto up and down only for the driver and passenger. Moving on to the center, in the infotainment screen, again, this didn’t change. And this is shared across other cars such as the Honda Civic. It’s a touchscreen interface, and it’s a little bit laggy as you can see there’s a slight lag there, but overall it works, and it’s easy to understand.

On the side, you do have the whole MapsAudio falling back. Then you see those in the middle as well some other things such as smartphone connection app lists, honda link, now app lists you can get, apple car play, those are standard, this is a touring edition, so it does have navigation.

But even if you didn’t get it, you don’t have navigation. You can use navigation from your phone. So that’s good, and also you do have a volume knob, so that is here no worries about that. Now in terms of climate control, it’s mixed,  there’s a climate button, you press that it brings up somethings such as the mode, your fan control, and AC on or off. But you have fan control as well, so climate control is mixed between touch and physical buttons.

You also have knobs, Auto-sync over there, and it’s dual-zone soo you can go up or down like heated mirrors over here as well as some defrosted options recirculating. If you want things on/off there, you go heated seats, three stages for both the driver and passenger. Those are standard on this touring as well as the heated steering wheel I told you guys but non-ventilated seats that is still not an option on this CR-V engine start/stop button.

You do have an electronic brake and brake hold, and this is new and standard across all the trims, engine auto start/stop, which will save some gas when you come to a halt traditionally. I’m not a fan of that, but this is now standard along with economy mode and a standard shifter which I’m in love with because Honda is you guys know kind of went the route of push-button shifting and I’m just not a fan of that it takes getting used to in the CR-V that didn’t change.

Unfortunately, though I’ve been visiting blogs about the hybrid version that is going to come out next year, it looks like Honda caved in and put the push-buttons over here. But I like this, and you don’t have to relearn it the only thing different about this one is there is an S which is sport mode. Typically sport modes it’s like a bundle, you press this one you do have to shift to it, and I’m going to test that out and so you know if I notice a difference.

The center console, this is where Honda made some dramatic change and some genius changes. Let me tell you, first of all, USB ports moved over here, they used to be inside armrests, challenging to get to, but now they’re over here along with wireless charging, this is now standard on touring as well. So you could turn it on and off and place your phone, charge whatever you want. To do this is just much better than before.

You got cup holders here and then let me tell you the armrest, so flip open, and you have like dual shelves right now. This shelf also slides back, so if you wanted more space over here and there’s a 12 V outlet, that is fine. But if you want even more space, you don’t want that shelf at all. Look at that, lift it up and away it goes, previously there was a shelf that you can remove but then what do you do with the shelf right you throw it somewhere. Now, you don’t have to worry when removing it.

The Seats

It just folds up, and Honda is like a master at the center console and configurations and stuff like that in the Civic. The way they did, it was just genius. I think this is genius too, so kudos Honda is brand-new, and it only works well. Now in terms of seats like the rear their leather seats, they have a good design. It looks like it’s well-bolstered. So I’ll let you guys know how this feels once I start driving around.  The layout, the door design, and the dash are staying the same. You have some excellent contrast as you can see the handles, and the surrounds are aluminum. You have some fake wood trim along with a black, so you do have some contrast there. But this pretty much stays the same dashboard and leading into the infotainment screen and this whole set up, also the gauge cluster and the steering wheel.

I still think this looks pretty good still looks modern and sleek. It doesn’t look very outdated up here pretty standard. You have some controls for the lights home link and power for the sunroof, which is a normal one. Alright, let’s go for a drive and see how this brand-new CR-V is on the roads.

I remember, sure, I reviewed the 2019 CR-V. It was also touring. I came away super impressed, and at that time, I didn’t consider that many cars yet, but I was thinking about how this is a fantastic compact SUV, and I still believe. So right now it’s just quiet and smooth ride the engine at idle from the outside is a little bit noisy but on the inside, it’s tranquil. Once you start moving, you cannot hear the engine, don’t hear any wind noise at all and road noise none it’s just super quiet in here. It’s very comfortable, the seats I feel like they are happy.

The Suspensions

The suspension is doing its thing right. So overall, this is still very impressive. Now in terms of driving position, seating position, you do sit a little bit lower; this is on the smaller side. It’s not as high as a midsize SUV, but for a lot of you guys, you’ll appreciate that very easy to get in. I showed you guys two trunks, the lift and height into the baggage are very low. So it’s effortless to haul in and put important things in like luggage.

Safety Features

Now in terms of safety features, those of you guys that aren’t familiar Honda their safety suite is called Honda Sensing, which they’re trying to roll out to every model on every trim. Now the CR-V is standard across every trim level. I don’t know how to did it. They’re magicians or wizards figured out how to utilize every single inch of the interior, and you get so much space.

I tell you guys an enormous amount of space. I’m not a short guy. I’m five feet ten, and I have a good six to eight inches of legroom left compact SUV in same with headroom and up here too very wide very spacious, you don’t feel cramped at all, plenty of headroom shoulder room, no problem, it is just very spacious.

Okay, that to me was a little bit on the slow. Hey, this is utilizing a turbocharged engine, 190 horsepower, and it is mated to a CVT transmission that’s simulating shifts. So that was a little bit slowed down.

I think usual enjoy this, so I just put it in the sport I’m fortunate without a sport button when you guys are shifting down be careful because it might go too low. So when you go to sport mode, I don’t think that made such a difference I felt about the same. So honestly, a CR-V in terms of power, I’m sure if you guys are trying to get up to speed get on the highway, don’t get this job done. But it’s a little bit on the slower side, in my opinion, you know I mentioned about how the engine idles a little bit noisy. But when I was cruising at low speeds, I didn’t hear, but when you’re just going and doing stop, you’re just trying to celebrate the engine is loud. You can listen to the engine, and that unfortunate because everything else is still quiet.

So now thatI’m going about 35-40 miles per hour still no one noise, no road noise, but when you accelerate, you could hear the engine, and it’s not a good engine sound either. There’s no exhaust noise whatsoever, you know one thing that I think other manufacturers have done a better job at is coming outwith sport variants of their compact SUVs to add a bit more color, you know. More playfulness to their SUVs where Honda has kept it the same, and it’s the same with all Hondacars.

But with the CR-V, I wish that there was optional, let’s say these would trends be replaced with carbon fiber or maybe a different color. Or just aluminum, you know something a little bit different and overall maybe has some red stitching or different color leather, right? That’s where you know like Toyota Subaru really kind of embraced that. I think a lot of people love that because like, for example, to force their sport which I love, you know it has a lot of orange and black inside, and it’s just elegantly. It just looks good, the same thing Toyota would have done with the adventure and also the TRD off-road trims of the RAV4.

Also, the same thing you don’t get that with the CR-V, so I wish Honda does that you know to come out with some trim or just even options to make a little bit more lively playful. For the younger crowd, the seats are pretty comfortable, the bolstering is just the right size, at least for my back, and they’re holding me in. So I’m not sliding around. In terms of brakes, they’re a little bit stiff, which is a little bit weird because usually, Honda is kind of like right in-between, right in the middle, it’s a narrow field. But this one is a little bit stiff, meaning that I do find I need to press down harder to make the CR-V come to a stop, and that’s a surprise now on the open road, and I think the suspension is still pretty good although a little bit bumpy.

So when I was going low speeds, it felt perfect. Now I had higher speeds, and I think the road a little bit more. It’s not bad, but I do feel more from these imperfections that bump on the street. The last thing I didn’t tell you, the rear camera. So let me tell you real quick. If you go into reverse, you can see this is what’s behind you, obviously with gridlines, but you could change the view. So that this is a broader view, but you could break it still, it’s like a less full view, more of a linear perspective, and then this also looks straight down, so in case there’s toys or something down there.

Pros and Cons

You can also see it as well lastly, let’s look at the good and bad to this brand-new CR-V. Start with the good; the exterior refresh is great-looking. There is an enormous amount of space on the inside, Honda sensing is now standard, there are more standard features across all trims. The CR-V provides a comfortable ride, and finally, that redesign center console is a lot more useful. As for the bad, there are also a few things, and the engine is a little bit loud, the acceleration is just so-so. There is something in the steering wheel, the brakes are stiff, and finally, there’s no sport or off-road variant trims available. Overall I’m giving the brand-new 2020 Honda CR-V reviews a score of 95, which is one of the highest I’ve ever given.

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