2020 Ford Mustang GT: Exterior, Interior, Performance, and Price

Welcome back to my blog today. What better car to have than the American Muscle 2020 Ford Mustang? So, in this article, I will give you my opinion and my review of driving the vehicle. Also, stats on the automobile if you’re spanking it out for 2020 Ford Mustang GT and what you expect if you were to drive.

I’m going to jump into just kind of the history of the Mustang. It’s been around now for 55 years, it’s a flagship car for Ford as far as their sports performance division, and right now this is the base v8 model. You know you do have many different trims and options that go through with this car. I’m not going to be going through everything in this blog, but I’m going to try to get too much as possible for you guys. Please comment if you have any questions on how to spec up the car and what to expect.

2020 ford mustang gt blue metallic

Mustang is overall the best combination of between the class of cars. So the Camaro, which is excellent with horsepower, the Dodge Challenger – with the demon which is a beast on the drag strip, but for some reason, the Ford Mustang to me handles the best.

This car particularly doesn’t have the upgraded performance in fact package, and I like to see it, especially in like the GT 350s in all-new brand, new GT500. But this car powered the dollar ratio, is an excellent car people do kind of sleep on it even though it’s still one of the most common vehicles to see on the street. Yet, for the price, this car starts at $36,000, has 460 horsepower, dollar ratio that’s one of the best out there.

The only other cars that are comparable are the Camaro, are the Challenger, and then you start to go up in American Muscle, and when you finally start to get into a European car.  Now Car and Driver and subsequently other well-known publications have raved about the parts for this car. If you do break down, aren’t incredibly expensive, which makes this car just overall just a happy car to drive, and knowing that you know you don’t have to break the bank just for replacing the part.

2020 ford mustang gt red car show

2020 Ford Mustang GT Exterior

But enough of that! I’m a dig right into the exterior and kind of show you guys. I’ll give you guys opinion on what I think so right off the bat. Let’s start with the front end. Thus, the front end of the car! The Mustang provides a blacked-out option where you could blackout the horse. Also, the bottom lip as well the top of the roof can get blacked out. All the emblems on the side and the real rear spoiler would get blacked out to the front of the vehicle.

Not the most impressive and be honest for the running daytime headlights 2020, you guys should be refreshing that they refresh the whole kind of concept of the car in 2015. Then they did it twice, or three times over the last year just some subtle changes to only distinguish two different years, but for the most part, it’s a clean front end pretty menacing.

I do wish they did do the upgraded LED lights below the projector headlights and LED daytime running lights, which looks pretty good. For the price, it’s you know again, the price is just what really kind of ties everything into being a good value. The front hood they did upgrade and put the vents here to be on it’s not the biggest fan. But it does look different; it seems like it gives it a little more character rather than just having a straight hood. If you didn’t want to upgrade through a carbon fiber or some different, that is an option to do aftermarket

By the way, there are more aftermarket parts for this car. In almost any car, it’s a Ford Mustang; it’s been around for years. People have been modifying this car for four decades, so it’s just a viable option if you want if you are heavy into customizing and adding, bolting, and doing whatever. Now the side wheels on a side profile here are 18-inch wheels. You do have the option to do 19-inch if you do buy it, I do recommend it they look a little bit better, a little wider. These are 18 inches, which are pretty small for a sports car. You need to get something a little more full-on there.

You do have the option to get the Brembo brakes. These brakes aren’t fat, and then you also can’t upgrade the dampening – you do have a 5.0 dominant logo there. Let people know you had the v8. You don’t have the twin-turbo or the turbo-powered six-cylinder and the GT this year 2020, they did update the tailpipes to give you the dual exhaust instead of the single which shares with the GT 350 and the 500 pretty lovely looking.

You also have a diffuser back here, and the diffuser is pretty slick, and that looks a little more dominant than the previous years. I wish it were not just like kind of classic. But it was a different material might be a gloss black. I know it gets destroyed by rocks, but it will look cleaner or maybe like carbon fiber or some sort. But then again to keep the cost down to that 36,000 dollar price range, you know it comes with the territory, so it makes sense.

It just reminds me of the classic Mustangs and muscle cars and how they were menacing with a vehicle at a stoplight. Now keep in mind if this car is the full catalytic converters, that stuff, you can modify this to make this sound crazy. I’m sure this exhaust article out there but a beautiful sounding car.

You do have the rearview camera here before the backup. So a little bit of technology is there, and the taillights are probably my favorite. Lights on the car, a sharp angle, three piers look to it with the Dom that the local GT is there in the middle. Everybody knows what’s going on with your vehicle.

Mustang GT 2020 Interior

I’m going to jump in tier unless you guys know what my thoughts are. It’s a little bit bittersweet for me. However, I am used to European cars on the interior, and this is an American muscle car; still, what is important is the motor first, and then everything else falls to the wayside. You have the brushed aluminum here on the top – the vent cover is pretty sleek kind of cheap feeling and touching, but whatever they work functional, so it’s fine centered here with the LCD screen or LED screen. I like the size of it. It does have kind of, and it’s okay, it does the job it’s impressive for an American car.

It’s the right size, very bright, easy to find the functions and everything you need this car does have the dual climate control which is nice. So your passenger can have a different temperature than you. But I do like also is the engine start/stop button down here, just kind of gives, a little bit more of a modern feel and finally deleting the keys and then you also have that toggle switches here which are excellent.

Now this car I am driving does have the 10-speed gearbox, which is the automatic as opposed to a 6-speed manual. I wish I did have the menu, but it tends to be automated, which I’ll touch in when I start driving the car. Isn’t that bad actually for city driving and traffic-driving if you gain a GT model versus the track-ready GT 350 or 500? A proper city car, a much much better city-driving, the traffic-driving car.

Especially with the automatic gearbox, and the steering wheel has a crazy amount of buttons. I mean, it’s just it’s everything you need. Still, it’s just I don’t know, I don’t need this many buttons, the volume controls, you have the cruise control, your Bluetooth capabilities with your phone and then this will control the center – so everything that you have.

Then you have paddle shifters that control the gearbox if you want to control gear. Now, I haven’t figured out how to cancel the paddle shifters out yet besides manually shifting this to drive and then back the sport on the transmission. Then you have, of course, your blinkers, your windshield wipers, all your pretty standard stuff in the center.

Here are the gauges, you have to the right your speedometer, which is pretty self-explanatory your gas range, you do have in here where it tells you the mulled, you’re in kind of a digital dash display as you toggle through the different modes.

I shouldn’t mean I have this right now toggle through them. So you have a standard way which is a kind of regular daily driving sport plus which if you want just to put in better gear. Driving Sport+ makes exhaust a little bit louder, which I’ve noticed track traction control comes off the car is more responsive, the transmission is more sensitive.

If you’re trying to do some legit driving, it’s going to get to use out of the car drag strip mode if you are at a red light or I don’t recommend that actually if you’re actually at a drag strip and you want to race go ahead and switch into that mode just better for you.

You have the RPMs, pretty standard,  then your temperature, get the temperature of your engine gauge, then you have the light controls.  Steering wheel feels pretty sporty, really good, easy to control, easy to handle, as a soft leather feel down here. You do have the option to change the steering modes, and our steering feels styles.

I find that comfort mode for some reason in Sport+is one of my favorites. Let me know what your preference is, for sport, for some reason; it just feels artificial, feels like you just turned a power steering off. It’s just you know when you want to drive sporty you kind of want to feel control. I feel with the comfort for some reason; it just is this a better mode in Sport+preference over me. At a headliner, no sunroof here, but headliner all blacked out which I like.

I’m a fan of makes a car feel like a cockpit. I’ve said that in other blogs, I’ve done down below. You have all blacked out interior pretty much chrome accents, and you do have the glovebox here. What’s cool about the glovebox, you have a secret compartment, press here you can put little hidden things up there, you know, whatever you like and then you have the essential glovebox. Other than that, you have the two cupholders, pretty nice they down below, a little bit more of storage for whatever you need, sunglasses, paperwork, etc.

I’m a jump in a back seat in a bit, finish up my review here in the front seat. And then get back there yeah, for the most part, pretty comfortable interior the seating is very plush you have the option get the Recaro seats if you want in this car, not the most comfortable seats but more sporty. Another option heated coat seats in here.

I think that’s great. It’s adding a little bit more luxury in tech to the car. The back seat is just small enough for like a half a person may be as a teenager or under the legroom is non-existent. It’s just tiny, and the Headroom is just ridiculous for anybody over like five-eight. I’ll believe it is comfortable seats if the seat stays like this, but like once you move it back is this kind of crazy.

Mustang GT Performance

Alright, guys, so we’re getting ready going to drive. This car has 460 horsepower, which is excellent for the price starting at $36,000 but 460 power, it has 420 foot-pounds of torque, and this has a 210-speed automatic gearbox in it. Let me switch it again to support Plus so I can get something that feels good.

All right, so listen to this take off ain’t bad, not bad at all, they claim to get zero to 60 in 4.3 seconds, which is pretty good, definitely can use a little bit to get under three-second or four seconds but not wrong with the different driving modes. It makes it excellent for when you do have an open road to crank up the horsepower, or if you’re in traffic, you want to kind of drive a little slower. You can switch it to normal mode and feel comfortable.

As far as the balance on the car, I do feel it the suspension is a little does give a little, but you know it’s not overall too bad. With updated, upgraded Performance Package, you can get a little bit more of that dampening to really kind of crown the car a little bit better you have the money good to gt350, and you’re going to have a high-performance vehicle. That’s going to handle and perform a lot better, especially if you’re trying to go to the track or impress friends whatever.

I think the exhaust note wins the award on this car.  I don’t know what Ford did, but in this 2020 over the previous GT years, they beefed it up a lot more. This one does have that active baffle that they put in the exhaust that makes it seen but impressive charisma roll up the windows now and give you an example of what it sounds like in the cabin even with no windows up easy to hear. Also, if you have the music is going along, so not blasting it. You can listen to that exhaust on it just if you having a bad day. To me, that’s just a patent that makes a day better.

The brakes in this car! Even though you do have the option to upgrade to Brembos aren’t bad, I wouldn’t. You know I’ve upgraded going to the track. But if they’re very good for your daily use sunny, you don’t need much more than what they come with this brakes all the way around, which is pretty sweet.

I do wish your tires are a little wider, a few larger because right now it’s the steering it does have that give to it which I’m not a fan of the car is a bit heavy. So in the corners, it does sway it, mainly depending on what speeds you run. It’s 3,700 pounds, which you know, for a coupe it’s pretty dense but then again that modern muscle car it’s on the lighter end compared to some of their competitors, especially the Challenger but not the corvette.

I just went outside the visibility of the cars, and it’s not bad; I think it better than the Challenger. I have driven a challenger that has horrible blind spots over the pillar behind me, but straight ahead, the hood doesn’t. It’s not overly oversized. It’s an excellent, bright side from 180 views the mirrors I feel a little small, but they do the job very well. I have time to look over to my left to check if there’s not anybody, my blind spot. But overall, the visibility is excellent out of the rearview mirror.

Ford Mustang GT Price

It’s a good value for just the GT V8 if you are doing the performance packages that are around 6,000 dollars. With some of the upgrades online that you have on this car, it would put the price point more towards $45,000 that GT 350 starts at sixty’s.

So you kind of gotta weigh your options there of what you know you’re trying to go. I mean optioned out the GT is nice and practicality wise I think it’s a great value maybe you have the money for the GT 350 or especially the 500, which is Ford’s highest-performing production car.

You know it has more horsepower I believed in the actual the 200 or 300 thousand dollar Ford GT itself but that GT500 is something to spec out I’m hoping to one day be able to get that on blog for you guys and be able to test drive it, but a man got to start somewhere, and this is where I’m starting.

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