2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody

Among self-driving and modern cars, the 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody is kind of like a double middle finger for all who are computerized. With the retrograde design, big muscular V8 engine, and a special feeling that will remind you of the ’70s, Dodge is always powerful. In the US, their longest-running vehicle is a Charger that originated in 1967.

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Review

Now the Charger is a wild beast that is very different from the original model that came out in 2011. Dodge claims this Charger is the only four-door sedan that you can buy and feels like a real muscle car.

It has a fender flare 3.5 mm wider than the Challenger. It has the same 20 inches, 305/30R-20 with tires in all four corners and up to 717 horsepower in the SRT Hellcat Daytona Charger model. It’s the most powerful and fastest four-door production you can buy in the US.

So, if you are looking for a badass four-door family sedan that you can buy is the Hellcat 2020 charger as the only car in the city that we want to find here. So every FCA product with the Hellcat badge. You might wonder what is happening under the hood. Dodge didn’t make changes to the Hellcat powertrain.

dodge charger blue srt hellcat widebody
Dodge Charger blue SRT hellcat widebody

The Power of Charger Hellcat Widebody 2020

Although the Daytona model does offer up to 717 horsepower, this one is just a standard Hellcat. So you have a 6.2 liter supercharged Hemi v8. You can see it’s got a big supercharger. At the top, it creates 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. The amount is the same, still the most powerful four-door sedan production in the US in terms of power.

Just remember that this doesn’t compete with vehicles like the M5 or Cadillac CTS-v and e63. It has more power than all of them. Now everything comes out via the TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission. It was built by ZF and has been upgraded to handle the extra torque provided by the Hellcat motor, which will reach 16 in about 3.6 seconds.


There’s an increase of three seconds compared to last year’s model due to fatter tires. Dodge also claims you can reach a quarter of a mile in less than 11 seconds! That’s right 10.9 seconds, which is just crazy. What about fuel savings? Who cares about fuel savings! But if you need the answer, it’s rated at 13 in the city and 22 on the highway.

I pulled out this car for about 25 miles and let you know if it burned a quarter of the tank. So this is quite clear if you are going to buy something like this then you don’t care about gas mileage! It is a heavy car, and Dodge says Hellcat weighs around 4000 – 4,400 pounds, and this car is still only a rear-wheel-drive. Unfortunately, the Hawks all-wheel-drive track system is not available on Hellcat’s widebody.

You can see the design of this vehicle does look a little different. This 7th generation came out in 2011, where Dodge made extensive updates to the Charger. Back in 2015 where they completely redesigned the front end, they added LED daytime running lights with LED turn signals and bi-xenon headlights.

Hellcat comes standard with all of that. The carbon fiber straw line and carbon body strip are only an extra thousand dollars. But, that’s not carbon fiber. It’s just an adhesive and a little expensive.

Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody Is Big and Heavy Car

I like the functional scoop hood. There is also a new letter slot in the air intake in the new front fascia for 2020 Dodge Charger. Overall the Charger only has a very ‘bad’ appearance for it. if you see it in the rearview mirror, you will say, “Okay, I have to get out of the way because it seriously means business!.”

The Charger is now based on the same platform as Challenger. Most of you already know that, and this is not a small vehicle because this is about as long as most Minivans Chrysler’s own Pacifica, about the same length at 200 inches long, and its wheelbase is 120 inches long, much bigger than most vehicles. That is why many people love the Charger because it looks so big.

2020 SRT Charger has large fender flares. The wheels are an essential aspect of the car’s performance. There are 20×11-inch wheels, painted in black, and they are wrapped with 305 series tires in all four corners. About 30 mm wider than the old Hellcat charger, which by the way, if you want a narrow-body Hellcat, it has been discontinued for 2020. All Hellcats will now come with this widebody arrangement.

You can see the big brakes, 15.6-inch rotors from the front, Brembo 6-piston front calipers with two front brake rotors, and 4-piston rear ultra-high performance brakes. So this is a vital brake that you will need because clearly with a vehicle as big and as heavy as this, you must also have reliable power to stop it.

Dodge doesn’t just adjust the widebody fenders to make this vehicle look more aggressive. They also appear to change the sides of the side skirts to match the widebody fenders.

The Suspension

like I said, it’s 3.5 mm wider, so it’s about 78 inches wide, and they also change the suspension. Dodge claims that the front suspension on Hellcat is around 18% stiffer than last year, and it’s about 52% thicker at the rear because it has bigger and fatter anti-roll bars in all four corners to make this more manageable well. So Dodge said that they had improved handling.

This is the best Hellcat Charger you can get, and I will not talk too much, remember this is still a large sedan that weighs up to two tons. On the back, there are a few slight styling changes. It is visible on the new rear spoiler. Dodge adds a bit of downforce when you are off track.

The rear lights were redesigned in 2015, where this is the all-LED taillight design. You can see the type of strip towards the back for $ 1,000, and the SRT version has big fat oval chrome exhaust tips.

The Interior

Beautiful V8 roar! Unlike most modern cars. Thanks, Dodge, for giving us the real V8 sound. Trunk capacity is not as big as you think, considering its large size. It should be at 16.5 cubic feet, but you really will get the same trunk capacity as the Honda Accord, Camry, or Nissan Altima.

You have these hinges and take up less space. The seats also fold down 60/40, a when you look under the floor, there are no spare tires. Instead, you only have a battery, and you are dealing with a fix-a-flat kit. Now, Charger gets quite extensive repairs.

Back in 2015, Dodge also completely changed the interior. So for 2020, you can see it’s not too different. But that is a significant change compared to when the 2011 Charger first came out. Now first coming inside, closing the door, it has an excellent sound. Remember, this car platform has existed since the days of Daimler Chrysler if they share Mercedes-Benz parts.

Now, of course, this one becomes Hellcat. It did come with their signature red key, and this one will release 707 full horsepower if you know giving out the black key limits to 500 horsepower. The key itself needs a redesign.

It’s just a bit old, a little cheap. But plastic FCA has newer keys that I have seen, such as the Jeep Wrangler, for example, the system or a much better-looking car. Just put your foot on the brake then press the red button to start the engine. Honestly, every time you start this thing, it will remind you that you are buying a particular car.

You can hear the supercharger loud and clear, and this is truly a fantastic car, it has a phenomenal fin engine. The interior is pretty much a standard charger with a few upgrades. You can spend $ 1,500 extra on upgraded leather, Cantera, and carbon fiber. Maybe this overall good interior design is not your favorite. I mean, there are some excellent technological features here.

But let me talk about the material. The dashboard here is all soft-touch injection molding plastic. This looks like real stitching. I thought it was original stitching. However, careful inspection revealed that it was only a fake stitch that tried to look like genuine leather. But it’s soft-touch plastic, so at least that’s a good thing.

Exclusive Seats in 2020 Dodge SRT

The same thing is on the door panel where there is a fake stitch, but it is a soft touch. The window is one-touch up and down, only for the front window, not for the rear window. Some of the gear switches here are old FCA gear switches. It doesn’t feel too expensive. It feels a bit cheap.

There are a chrome door handle and two-person memory seats. This seat is exclusive to Dodge SRT, and they are broad and massive. They take up a lot of cabin space in the interior, which is why the interior feels a bit cramped. But these seats are heated and cooled well with 2-person memory and are comfortable.

I feel they are designed to accommodate Americans who have broader shoulders and bodies. So try the seat and see if you like it. Now looking at the steering wheel, I also like the stereo design. This is probably one of my favorite steering wheels that the FCA does. Perfect leather, just looks very good, it has a flat bottom design. Power tilt and telescoping steering are also right.

You have a heated steering wheel option. You have a button on the steering wheel to adjust the infotainment or instrument panel. There’s a paddle on a wheel that is connected that I don’t like. You have a typical red gauge with the Hellcat model. Now in the middle stack, there is an 8.4-inch upgrade where you connect the head-unit system. It’s got an automatic Android and the new Apple CarPlay.

So you get a new home screen and then have a more modern feature where if you mess up your cell phone and then come out like on Facebook or something like that. Waze will not return to the home screen as before. So this infotainment system is modern and works well.

But know that FCA has a slightly larger screen that you can get in RAM. I have not seen it in any other product besides this vehicle that uses the actual embedded GPS. You can see this kind of navigation system based on Garmin is fine. It works very well, very quickly. You know that’s what I expect from the FCA that you connect is still one of the better systems in this business. It works really well, very sharp.

You can also enter as you control. There is a control for your cooled seats and your heated steering wheel. If you go to apps, the one thing that’s nice about them is you can kind of rearrange your apps by selecting something and dragging it over and putting where you’d like to rearrange it.

So, again very interesting with the SRT car is that your vehicle also gets pages about its performance where you can adjust the drive modes. This car does have a new launch control for Widebody models. You can change the RPM where it will be launched. You can go to the performance page, and it will bring up the track timer after it finishes loading.

Dashboard and Infotainment System

But the modern dashboard infotainment system wasn’t my favorite. Because the performance page does take time to load even though after that, you can see a lot of useful information. If you plan to bring this vehicle to the track, you can observe your g-force dyno engine, how much power you produce. So this is a cool feature that can impress you.

When you turn a vehicle around, you can only see a standard backup camera with a trajectory, and you have a parking sensor behind. Therefore, this camera can be better. Too bad because a vehicle this big doesn’t have a 360 camera? I think it has to have that feature considering how big it is and how difficult it is to see. There are eight massive pillars here. The side mirror is small, so it feels like you are in a muscle car even though this is a four-door sedan.

It seems that FCA needs to work extra to improve technological features. Especially considering the falling prices. You can see a very traditional button for the volume adjustment knob. There is a dual-zone automatic climate, and then you can see a little storage space for your cellphone and keys. There are two cupholders, shifter here, and 8-speed automatic transmission control.

They did not implement EgyptAir because the FCA had problems with each of them a few years ago at the Grand Cherokee. So they go to only traditional shifters. Then there is the soft center console, and then when you open this, you can see it does offer the right amount of space. There are two USB ports and an aux port, and you can keep your cellphone also lined up.

At the top, there is an expensive, standard sunroof for $ 1,995. Why is that so expensive? If they are going to ask that much, it should be a pleasant double panel sunroof. Another disadvantage is that the lighting in the cabin is also not LED. You can only see incandescent lights. Surely many owners will change that. Then there is the glove compartment with two levels of massive storage, it’s dumped, and it’s lined.


This car has a Harman Kardon sound system for $ 1,500 and has 17 speakers with excellent sound quality. Basically, that’s what we expect from Harman Kardon, and it’s a decent upgrade for all audio files out there. Overall, the interior of the Charger currently has most of the technology that many people want, such as a head-up display and 360 camera, although the design is not very attractive.

The chairs are also comfortable and big, which takes up too much space. Dodge can handle packaging for the next generation models and only make this feel like a full sedan and make better visibility. So because this is a four-door family car like Dodge said. Let’s talk about the back seat. When I open the door, it doesn’t open very wide, considering how big the vehicle is. I think the opening should be a little bigger so you really can get everything back here, especially if you are to fit a car seat back here.

In this interior, you can see for vehicles that have a 120-inch long wheelbase, which I expect will be a bit more spacious. Dodge says that you have about 40 inches of legroom. But where I sit here doesn’t feel like 40 inches, it feels more like a compact car. It was like sitting in a monster-sized Honda Civic, which wasn’t bad. But how big is this car, there should be a little more space because this is a “rear-drive big center driveshaft tunnel” which of course, will take up space.

You have two USB ports, and you have to level the heated back seat. You have “versus events,” two mat bags, a soft touch injection molding plastic with more fake stitches, and an outstanding door panel with some original stitches. The brown leather interior brightens the cabin. Meanwhile, the seats folded 60/40, and it is quite surprising because there is no middle armrest here to consider the size. Overall it is a handy rear seat, far better than the Challenger.


It just reminds me precisely like Challenger-Hellcat. There’s only that much power, 707 horsepower. You never tire of saying that number with wider tires. Now you feel the vehicle has more grip. I am just surprised that Dodge did not give this all-wheel drive. I mean, you see BMW m5 or CC 63 when all-wheel drive and with this much power you want because when you don’t have it, even though you have these fat sticky tires, you know summer tires will still spin every time you approach the throttle.

The transmission in this car is fantastic, it’s like a fast shift, and it’s a fun transmission. It knows what gear is in the paddle, and it functions very well. Yes, the Charger is old, and this is one of the earliest new cars. You can buy it, built from the old Mercedes platform, but Dodge has done a great job keeping it fresh.

To be honest, I think the interior is an unattractive part and hope they put some real LED lights on. But you will forget about all that when you start playing with the paddle and listen to the whining of the supercharger. Dodge said 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds. Honestly, they might be able to do well under three if they have launch control and all-wheel drive like a track club.

This car is, of course, significant and weigher though at the presentation the Dodge engineers said, how yes the Challenger is the Chargers, you know the light ones like the SXT model. We know that light is a relative term because this car is weighty. You know this here is like 4,500 pounds. When you start throwing into the corner, you still feel the weight of this car. There is no hidden path, and you cannot escape the laws of physics. The hood is quite dominant. But you will get used to visibility, and the Charger is better than the Challenger.

Why did Dodge put this skinny little side mirror on this thing? The view from the back is lovely. There are very thick pillars here, so you try to get used to them. You almost feel like you’re sitting in a cave, but it’s not as bad as some other muscle cars. I have seen far worse with other muscle cars.

The chair hugs you very well. I think they are very comfortable, and they are designed specifically for someone who has a large frame. They can be adjusted like ten different ways, but you can’t overcome bolstering and how much grip. You remember something, though, that Charger is significantly cheaper than many other European super sedans.

There’s a little bit of a refinement lost in here. There’s not the luxury you feel, and there’s not the ride quality that you’d get. I mean, the ride quality this thing is not bad on this smooth pavement. But if you start hitting some bumps, you do feel the cars begin to get a little jittery with the ride, and it’s a little bit of harsher ride quality.

As you can hear, when you’re just settling down, you’re not driving this thing like a jerk or getting into power. The exhaust isn’t super loud, I mean it’s loud when you put your foot down and if you change the driving modes and others. But it’s also not gonna like really beat you up, and it’s not quite as droney as the other vehicles you might customize that would make them too loud. This is just the right amount of exhaust noise for me.

You could never get tired of that noise, even when you’re not getting on it. You hear the supercharger so well, and none of the sounds is synthesized because all is genuine exhaust noise, and that’s what people love about Dodge. They’re so old-school, and you notice just how much character the car has. There’s none of that thing that you get with a lot of modern vehicles.

Like an actual muscle car with four doors, and that’s what Dodge will say all the time, and this is the only four-door, the exact American muscle car that you can buy. So despite the age of the Chargers platform, this is a car that still impresses to this day. It does an outstanding job of blending today’s modern conveniences with the old-school charm that the Dodge brand, in general, is very well known.

With Charger’s more extensive body and more significant design and just a more stable platform, maybe you like the Charger Hellcat much more than the Challenger Hellcat. So, it’s only about whether you prefer a two-door coupe or whether you prefer the four-door flexibility and practicality you get with the Charger.

Now this vehicle, in general, is again their oldest running vehicle in their lineup. But it’s also a terrific deal if you guys are looking for a four-door muscle car with this kind of performance.

2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Price

The Charger itself starts at just under $30,000. The SRT hellcat widebody model is considerably more expensive now compared to the 2019 model. Dodge has roughly increased the price of this vehicle by about 6,000 dollars because of the widebody package, which is a worthy upgrade. it starts at just under $70,000 at $69,650. you can’t get another performance sedan with this much power for so little money.


The Charger Hellcat Widebody doesn’t have real competitors. Sure, you could compare it to the Cadillac CTS-v with 640 horsepower. But Cadillac will be discontinuing that vehicle by the end of this year, and that car starts at $86,000. You could also compare it to BMW m5 or Mercedes AMG e63. But both of those cars are going to start well over six figures. So there is something to be had with the Charger Hellcat by eight offers. An insane amount of performance for very little money.


What you are sacrificing are a few things as this is not as refined as the German cars. If you are looking for that luxury car ride or that luxurious interior with all the latest tech, it’s just simply not here. The biggest issue with the Charger Hellcat Widebody is even though they’ve added bigger tires more grip, you know more prominent fender flares, it still doesn’t have the all-wheel-drive grip.

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