2019 Honda Ridgeline RTL-T: Extraordinary Truck Bed and Smooth Driving

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2019 Honda Ridgeline RTL-T with the AWD. Let’s talk a little bit about the background. Honda has been in the pickup truck segment to get a bit more than ten decades. They were here in 2006, but believe us, and it was introduced 2005 – hit the dealerships. The trucks are distinct, and they offer accessories functionality and abilities a lot of vehicles don’t.


Because you understand, is it full-size? It is quite impressive. Can it be midsize? Where does this fit the market? The trucks drive a standard. But like we said, it is all-wheel-drive. Let’s go. We’ll show you this awesome Ridgeline RTL-T.

2019 Honda Ridgeline Exterior

It’s possible to observe how Honda is currently mixing in their own family of style. It’s the housing’s front all of the way to cross the grill area. It blends in well with Honda Pilot or even their Odyssey. Wait, there’s a large Honda logo! The main reason these items are becoming larger; it isn’t to flaunt the bling-bling. It is to conceal all of the sensory and radar engineering that’s going to work together with the adaptive cruise control, the lane-keep assists, all that fantastic stuff is placed nicely right in there.

You will adore this scarlet metallic that is lovely. We believe it was wise to split this up with a few blacks gloss and a silver here, where you’ve got your fog lamps. We concentrate on this fog lighting area because we want they’d have done something just a bit different with the layout for this seems a little too plasticky compared to what you would find on other trucks notably from the American manufacturers.


We like this design that they put into the lower area makes it look like a brush guard. This is not your metal brush guard, nor is that any truck that is likely to be something for complete all-wheel-drive off-roading. Nonetheless, it is something that’s a fantastic alternative for so many people who want that truck compatibility with no number of the stuff that comes in a truck.

We love everything they did with the hood. The motives are you got these two fine peaks on each side and then a center raised, and it’s incredible how they managed to perform a gradual gain in the rays of the excellent design.

It gives the truck some character than a slab of the hood there. So we like that signature, we think it’s so smart the way they took that flat black attracted it around the wheel. Well, here is our wheel option brushed aluminum, which darker grey color, cool,18-inch wheels. The design could be a bit more exciting, but recently, they are trying to keep the cost in a specific parameter. There is a variety of wheels if you go with some of the additional truck makers. However, it matches the car just lovely, especially with the pinstriping which done.

But as we work our way gloss black with, we are so thankful they brought that painting now, gloss black looks great. We never know if over time if this is going to take a huge beating. Where the heck of the turn signals, we wish there were some LED turn signals in here to bring it up to that degree of lots of the other vehicles that you see on the road at present.

Honda Ridgeline 2019 Interior

Go into the four-door cab design, here we love the way they brought some beautiful chrome accent into the door handle part as well as the top area of the door. You can see there is a very distinctive body line that begins right front and works its way, all of the way back into the bed.

We believe it was clever, the way Honda introduced the chrome into the rear section of the door today if you’re wondering. This white here, this comes off as soon as the trucks get sent. Honda put certain materials over the car to make sure it’s protected. Awesome size bed and we like how there is that black comes around to the back. Here is where Honda has done something different that not a great deal of different trucks can perform.


Very clean tailgate, we adore that just a straightforward Honda badge there is, all-wheel-drive horizontal black on the bumper, very nice touch, really with the additional chrome. This one is set up to tow with the tow package on it.

As soon as we drop the tailgate you’ve got a good-sized bed but here is where we want to tell you some things. With this truck, you have the usability of starting up this tailgate any which way you want to. Does your Ford or Chevy do that? We do not think so.

Here are a few other niceties going on! So we are going to come about and let us show off the interior of the tailgate. You’ve got some beautiful metal hooks in the front and back. What smart is up here in the front. They got one up high, and they have down one since they understand Honda engineers know what you are tying down.

As we operate over to this, this is neat. So we’re going to open up this and then reverse it down you’ve got a power source, this is the ultimate tailgate accessory. You could plug a TV, fan, blender, microwave so that you can connect just about anything to this. You might have a tailgate party, unlike any other.

If you thought we were performed with the back of the truck, we’re not! Get ready! Nice Honda smart engineering, tons of storage, and yet another thing this part has a nice drain plug. That means when you are getting your tailgate, you can fill the back of this thing up with your favorite beverages, fully chilled in a friendly environment. Very nicely, do keep it fresh, and when all that ice melts, would you have to do the bucket brigade together with your kids? No, you pull the drain plug down and flow out, really nice. Another factor to show you, once we get into the interior, you have outdoor tailgate speakers.

The Front seats

As we transition into the inside, very soft material on the dash here, and that’s what smart is it moves from the door to the dash, which glosses black, enough to where you are not going be touching it just like overly crazy and get your fingerprints.

We’re digging this infotainment center heap design. So here we are in the home, of course, you’re going have navigation, it’s simple to use. It is reasonably quick. There’s our truck bed sound, remember we were telling you that so you really can perform the noise out the back of the truck in the bed. That’s brilliant, however, a lovely font, and color, easy to use.

You have a dual climate, that is logical. You want it warmer. You struck up the tab. If you’d like colder, you strike low. We enjoy using easy AC controls. Then you’re going to have your heated seats. Down here, you’ll found USB jack, and you’ve got your 12 volts. You have a beautiful place to put your phone or anything other devices which you have. We enjoy the gloss black trim, two cupholders, the six-speed auto transmission, then this fantastic storage.


You have a dual climate that is logical. You want it warmer; you struck up the tab. If you’d like colder, you strike low. We enjoy that easy to use, easy AC controls, and you’re going to have your heated seats. Down here you have a USB jack, you’ve got your 12 volts, you have an excellent region to put your phone or anything other devices which you have. We enjoy the gloss black trim, two cupholders, the 6-speed transmission automatic, then this fantastic storage.

You understand, they started to change this layout initially. We were like, “Where’s our armrest?” However, you know what it makes sense because it clears this up area. In quite deep, USB, another power outlet, and we enjoy how it slides, really convenient.

The seats are incredibly lovely, love the material, soft as could be. We enjoy the perforated center in the back. We like the stitching material, and they hold tall people, 6 ft tall and 200 pounds, actually will keep you nicely. The thing we do not like is Honda’s armrest. The armrests are too low, anyway, some people love these “captain arm style seat ornaments,” but we aren’t a huge fan.

You’ve got a fine-sized sunroof. Today it’d be a nice panoramic. But guess what, at a $42,000-$43,000 cost point, I think this slots an excellent push-button start.

We enjoy the driver seat, and complete electric-assist here makes sense as we all come in a nice sized steering wheel. What I think is imaginative as we liked a small amount of gloss black. We’re glad they did not go with some flat silver buttons, have a delightful feeling.

Why don’t they put these on other Honda products? We’ve got no idea. Simple to reach to steering wheel heater. Then into the dash: smart, simple, and easy to use. You’ve got the tachometer on the left analog, an analog cooling indicator, and fuel gauge digital speedo at the top.

There is a button on the middle console. You actually can proceed through your smart traction management. So you have normal mode, snow, mud, and sand mode. Here is another one for the tree-hugging fans out there; you have an econ button. No, this isn’t economics, you turn it on, informs you econ style is on and it’s going for you back some much better MPGs. But anyway we like the fit and love the space.

The Rear Seats

Let’s check out the rear seat. We enjoy the way that they went tan over the headliner, too, gives it a nice open, airy texture. We appreciate the substance back here. Let us discuss the control center for the children. They have the rear AC controls, you receive a pleasant little slot where you can rest your telephone, and then a few USB usabilities, that is smart.

Here is another wise part we like, the way that they wrap the whole seat and leather. Well, to start with, tell the kids to quit kicking the seats, second of all it’s going to get scraped, at least with this plastic material, it is not going get scratched. We guess you could tear the leather. But it just looks like a finished product. Then we like the total use.

Some superb massive thing is a charge armrest, two cupholders, another space for something perhaps you can put a few snacks, possibly some trail mix in the marketplace. Do not fold it back; just make sure that your kids eat it. Then here’s likely one of our favorite parts, if you’re the sort of person in which you need to store some stuff in this trunk, Honda has you covered, you pull up on this chair, and you may slide in whatever you need to. To wrap off it, you get an incredible power sliding rear window. Not very large, but we will see when we test it on a test drive.

3.5 Liter V6 Engine

A 3.5 Liter V6 280 HP You are looking at in town MPGs 19, on highway 26. If you’re going to drag race your ridgeline, you’re looking at 0 to 60 in about 6.6 seconds. It able tow up to 5,000 lbs, and it has a payload of 1468 pounds you could put at the back of the truck.

We think with a 5.3-foot bed that 6-speed automatic, the V6 with the 280 horsepower, this can slot in nicely in your garage for having a truck with that usability. With some other characteristics that you are merely not going to find in a car.

Let’s go ahead and fire up this V6 and see what it sounds like. If you are wondering MSRP, what is this? Just remember that this is practically the top trim class, there’s only one more.

Let’s check out the door panels, and we enjoy the way they arrange the colors. You’ve got some rich tan with the black leather onto the armrests, and you’ve got any contrast stitching. We enjoy the gloss black that they brought into the trim and top of the door panel from the base of the window. It’s quite soft, just like a baby’s behind.


We want there was just a regular armrest. So that we may feel on either side. However, the steering wheel is excellent, and the seats are soft. That would be great to have that ventilated option, particularly at this price point. The truck isn’t the top trim level, but being the RTL-T, this is right at the top. Therefore, if you genuinely want to have a tan in your bottom, we guess you can turn to the seat heater.

We like that the truck very smooth. It alters almost like there’s nothing even occurring. You will feel like a car in the right way. It seems like you are driving an SUV. So if you wanted a truck, but yet you do not need the overall truck feel and experience, we believe that this one is a great alternative.

With all those additional features that you’ll not find on some of the other midsize trucks as like we said this thing, it’s a full-size/midsize because it’s like have own category.

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