2000 Porsche 911 Reviews and Images

Porsche continues to create among the world’s great sports cars. When you can understand its cost, the Porsche 911 Carrera won’t disappoint. The 2000 Porsche 911 can be described as an outstanding sports car that justifies many a stylistic improvement coming from its fewer expensive cousins, the Boxster.

The Porsche 911 proceeds to become one of the world’s best sports activities vehicles. Porsche offers the uncanny capability to build a car that provides overall top-level performance.

The 911 is actually in its 2nd year for the present-day base. The 1999 model displayed the 1st “clean-sheet” redesign of the 911 since its intro in 1965. Much longer, wider and sleeker than any earlier 911, the latest edition, however, maintains the unique 911 profile and traditional design cues.

2000 porsche 911 Carrera
2000 Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche Carrera Versions

There are presently four versions: the Carrera Coupe and Carrera Cabriolet, and the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4 Coupe and Carrera 4 Cabriolet.

The great classic lines, the Porsche 911 is a lovely car and redesigned for the 1999 model. The Carrera’s body is usually much longer, more significant, and slimmer than any before. Within its 34-year background, Porsche offers processed the 911 bodies many times. However, the roofline and windshield experienced always remained precisely like the initial model.

In 1999, the roofline, windshield, and all the body sections were fresh. When it was widely publicized in 1965, this vehicle represented a clean record redesign of the fabulous sports car. However, it keeps the unmistakable 911 information and traditional styling cues.

A few decry the fact that the 911 explains styling with leading fifty percent of the Boxster. You’ll need deciding whether that’s a concern for you. Many people can tell both apart, although 911 Carrera Cabriolet may trick most individuals when it’s approaching straight toward you.

2000 porsche 911 for Sale
2000 Porsche 911 for Sale

Extra-Concept on Porsche 911

Porsche 911 is filled with the fresh concept than we are fit to encapsulate right here properly: Porsche Stability Administration, regular on Carrera 4, optional on Carrera. Places braking pressure to person tires and, if required, reduces engine power when it detects a lack of hold at the front end or back. Move around the corner faster, and slalom on the race track can be helped with PSM.

The six cylinders’ horizontal engines mounted at the rear are the same as all the previous 911s. Severe Porsche fanatics cried hard when Porsche announced the engine would end up being water-cooled, instead of air-cooled.

2000 Porsche 911 Engine and Performance

But it’s challenging to claim with the outcomes. For the 2000 version, the all-aluminum 3.4 L engine generates 300 hp and 258 foot-pounds of torque. The 4-hp gain from 1999 is traditionally credited to recent wear out program. Porsche provides a choice of either a six-speed manual or a five-speed Tiptronic H automated transmitting. The Tiptronic T enables motorists the opportunity to go for transmitting equipment via guiding wheel-mounted thumb changes. Since 2000, the Tiptronic’s manual setting can become triggered by using the thumb buttons if the change lever is definitely in the “Deb” placement.

How to maintain the 300 horsepower below control? Porsche 911 follows an independent suspension that uses an optimized MacPherson swagger style in front and a multilink setup in the rear. The standard 17-inch tires come together with 205/50ZL17 rims in front side, and 255/40ZUr17 auto tires in back again. An elective 18-inches wheel/wheel bundle enhances both appears and efficiency.

porsche 911 engine
Porsche 911 engine

For the enormous grip, there’s the Carrera 4. The all-wheel-drive program discovered on this car can immediate torque to the front side tires for 5-40 percent, based on obtainable traction force and power used. Carrera 4s receive the Porsche Balance Administration program (PSM) as regular gear (various on Carreras).

You can get a flat cargo floor by folding down the Carrera Coupes seatbacks. The one-touch electric power smooths best on the Cabriolet versions fold compactly in an area behind the back chairs. A regular hardtop covers suits flush against the body, with the roofing reduced.

What’s not undoubtedly to like? Well, the 911 offers the regrettable issue of posting extremely comparable front-end appears with its smaller sized brother, the Boxster.


For a $15,000 high quality, it’d end up being right, not really to become puzzled with a more compact car. And with MSRPs varying from $65,590 to $80,400, the Porsche history still contains sapping a massive package of money out of your budget.

For the 2000 Porsche 911, innovative wear out program lumps hp from 296 to 300. Currently presented on Carrera 4 versions, two-wheel-drive Carreras right now obtain a digital drive-by-wire throttle and elective PSM balance control.

All versions obtain an improved interior part system and components. The previously various grilling with charcoal smell filtration system is usually today regular. You will discover two distinct regulars and one brand-new elective outside colors.

Porsche lists eight versions, but it boils down to whether you need Coupe or Cabriolet, 2WD or 4WD, 6-velocity manual or 5-speed Tiptronic.

The Coupe retails for $65,590, the Cabriolet $71,020. Tiptronic provides $3,420 to the price tag on all versions. Four-wheel travel adds $5,430. The 420-hp Turbo will pursue sale quickly, but pricing had not been offered by press time.

Predicated on the 911 Carrera, the 911 Carrera 4 differs primarily in the four-wheel-drive program. Other variations are delicate: Carrera 4 has a different steering wheel design, plainly noticeable titanium-color brake calipers, and a titanium-color logo design on the trunk engine hood.

Porsche provides you particular choices that allow clients to turn their 911s into unique vehicles carefully. Unique interior trim and outside items along with unique paints and typical leather colors can be found. Though costly, they provide plenty of fascinating mixtures.

porsche 911interior and seats
Porsche 911interior and seats

Drive a Porsche 911

Driving placement is ideal with superb horizontal support for active traveling. That is a comfy car for touring long mileage. The presence is impressive, and devices are an appealing, quick read.

It positively is a sports vehicle! However, when it arrived time to appoint somebody up at the airport terminal, I still left the Carrera 4 in the home. I required a sport-utility automobile, as luggage capability isn’t the 911’s forte. In the same way, I jumped in a variety Rover for the hour-long get to my local trout stream.

Since 2000, Porsche enhanced the looks and experience of interior look components, placing a particular soft-contact grain to the system, door trim, device panel, and the areas. New aluminum-appear trim for the shifter, door handles, and handbrake launch press button lends some classic sports vehicle beauty to the view. The automated climate control right now features as regular the recently optionally available activated charcoal smell filter.

The global performance of the Porsche is practically nothing brief of the revolutionary. You will expose those who that argue Porsche’s Boxster performs pretty much anything the 911 can give for $24,000 less. The Boxster is, of training course, a terrific sports vehicle, and the Boxster S comes closer. However, 911 provides more power. A great deal more apparent is ordinarily its chassis sophistication.

An excellent example: Charge right into a bumpy change, and you’ll have to sluggish the Boxster down a little since the car will slide toward the exterior of the part as the wheels leap the bumps and instantaneously drop grasp. In a 911, the massive wheels stay static in getting in touch with the street since the suspension maintains them there. Whether it’s a 100 miles/hour sweeper or a 30 miles/hour switchback, the Porsche 911 driver can go fast through at the complete limit. You’ll become not extremely fast and more hard-pressed in the Boxster.

The 911 rides extremely nicely over rough pavement. You understand the bumps are there. However, they aren’t jarring. Some writers possess accused this refined brand-new 911 of dropping a few of its experience. However, Carrera 4 offers lots of opinions. You can feel the rear, excess weight bias, and you may experience the changing levels of the grip leading tires possess as the automobile undergoes a moving part.

The Technology of the Porsche Carrera 4

With most of its current technology, Carrera 4 might deliver you better features in terms of accident avoidance compared to any other car on the highway. To begin with, it has exceptional brakes. One-piece calipers and also extra big brake rotors produced from the GT1 racecar, along with ideal pounds distribution and substantial tire get in touch with patches, permit the 911 to create fantastic braking forces.

Consequently, this car will take off speed very quickly. Porsche needs brakes to supply 25 consecutive full-push stops without fade. Its anti-lock brake program is excellent, permitting the driver to steer around the issue when braking at the tolerance. These 911s quits more rapidly than merely regarding any creation car built.

Polished surfaces remain not a problem because better traction is offered by Carrera 4, Porsche designed the machine to provide superior handling on generally dry areas; it’s created for performance, much less an all-climate traction associate.

Though it provides a considerable $5,430 to the purchase price, the four-wheel-drive system enhances security and makes this Porsche also more comfortable to travel. From standing up an end, you can crank the tire over for a 90-degree switch and stand onto it without any dependence on steering modifications.

The trunk end won’t slide out (power oversteer), and the leading end won’t clean out (understeer); the Carrera 4 boosts away – rapidly. In the center of an on-ramp, you can stab the throttle after that lift abruptly off the throttle, and the automobile won’t perform anything dreadful. It requires a different arranged on the suspension system as fat has been transferred fore and aft.

Sports vehicle enthusiasts can recognize a Porsche by its audio. Regardless a single is typically generating by on a nation street or roaring past at Le Mans. They possess a unique and legendary sound. Here is absolutely no such point as an excessive amount of hp. However, the Carrera 4 didn’t abandon me desiring a Turbo. The result has been risen to 300 hp through a new exhaust program for model yr 2000, enabling both versions to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 5.0 seconds.

Carrera 4 was included with the Tiptronic transmitting. In automated mode, it’s most likely the greatest, smoothest-shifting automatic I’ve ever powered. Upshifts and so downshifts are very easy in manual or the car set. The manual setting is usually fun: By operating a switch on the tire, you can decrease simply by the gears whenever you brake for an exit ramp. But it’s not essential to change manually. The automated mode functions optimally. The auto keeps it in equipment whenever it is persuaded to you are approaching the edges. On balance, the 911’s Tiptronic is an outstanding automatic.

Regardless of all that, we think it’s worthier to choose Carrera 4 with the manual gearbox because of its remarkable control, excellent functionality, super fun, and Pirelli’s P-Zero wheels offer good hold.


Alright, presently there are other sports cars. You can claim that none of them possess that Porsche 911 mystique that’s impossible to evaluate a worth on. You can argue they don’t possess Porsche’s panache. But those arguments aren’t required because that is precisely among the world’s most excellent sports cars. You may outline numerous cases by searching at performance figures.

A Viper may defeat you at the neighborhood street racing circuit, Corvettes present a superb worth, and Ferraris are unique. But few sports vehicles can match the Porsche 911’s mixture of chassis sophistication and power. It assuredly is accuracy machinery. It is understandable to drive. And it includes levels of fulfillment that grow as time passes. As the saying goes, there is absolutely no substitute.

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