1984 Ferrari Testarossa Specs and Images

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Of all 7177 Ferrari Testarossa units produced in that period, from 1984-1991 all came in the form of Coupé. But there is only one unit that was produced officially with the Spider model, where the Ferrari Testarossa was deliberately designed specifically for Fiat Chairman, Gianni Agnelli. Now we will review the 1984 Ferrari Testarossa specifications with the F 110 AB code model.


Body Design, Dimensions, and Weight

The body type is 2 fixed-head coupe seats with two doors. Designed by Pininfarina, with a wheelbase of 2550 mm, front track/footprint 1518 mm, and track / rear footprint of 1660 mm. Meanwhile, the length of 4485 mm, a width of 1976 mm, the height of 1130 mm, and 5.5 inches of ground clearance. The ratio of length to wheelbase is 1.76, 3320 lb curb weight with the front weight distribution of 40% and fuel tank capacity of 115 liters or 30.4 US Gal.

1984 ferrari testarossa red
1984 Ferrari Testarossa red


Now let’s head to the aerodynamic part where the drag coefficient is 0.36.

1984 Specifications and Performance of the Ferrari Testarossa Engine

The engine is a gasoline aspiration made naturally by Ferrari. The engine code is F113 A000 with a 12 cylinder Flat with a capacity of 4.9 liters (4942 ccs), (301,579 cu in). Bore x stroke is 82 × 78 mm and the bore/stroke ratio is 1.05. What about the gear valve? Alright, this car has a double overhead camshaft (DOHC) with 4 valves/cylinder and a total of 48 valves.

The maximum power that can be produced is 390 PS (385 bhp) (287 kW) at 6,300 Rpm with a specific output of 1.28 bhp / cu in or 77.9 bhp/liter, and acceleration 0-100km / h in 5.8 s. Capable of producing a maximum torque of 490 Nm (361 ft-lb) (50 kgm) at 4,500 Rpm. The specific torque is 99.15 Nm / liter (1.2 ft-lb / cu3).

1984 ferrari testarossa car back
1984 Ferrari Testarossa car back

The engine construction section is a light-alloy head & block where the sump is dry sumped with a compression ratio of 9.3: 1.

The fuel system is Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection with a brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) of 1246 kPa (180.7 psi). The highest RPM is 6800 rpm with 7 crankshaft bearings. Engine coolant is Water with a unitary capacity of 411.83 cc and Normal aspiration. Does this car have a Catalytic converter? No. The maximum speed that can be achieved is 275 km / h (171 mph) with a Power-to-weight ratio of 0.11 bhp/lb and a Weight-to-power ratio of 8.76 lb/bhp.

Fuel Consumption and CO2 emission

What about fuel consumption? Its consumption is 9.9 / 11.8 / 23.7 (15.1) l / 100km or 23.7 / 19.9 / 9.9 (15.6) mpg (U.S.) where universal fuel consumption (calculated from the above).

Chassis and Brakes

The engine position of the car is in the mid with a longitudinal layout and the Drive wheels are rear-wheel drive with a 5-speed manual Gearbox. Has a Top gear ratio of 0.87 with a Final drive ratio of 3.21. The Steering part is quite reliable because it implements rack & pinion. It would not be complete if we did not review the rims where the Wheel size front is 8 x 16 and the Wheel size rear is 10 x 16 with the profile of the front tire is 225/50 VR 16 and the rear tire is 255/50 VR 16. The mechanism of brakes F / R uses VeDi / VeDi, Front brake diameter and Rear brake diameter are 309 mm and 310 mm. This car has an RAC rating of 50.


80 testarossa white price for sale
80 Testarossa white price for sale

What is the price of the 1984 Ferrari Testarossa F 110 AB in the US? Prices range from $ 120,000 and 7177 units were produced until 1991.

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